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  1. Yeah iv'e posted on there aswell :)

  2. From my experiance, new bearings. Bmx forum isn't that great, it's full of dicks that give new people loads of shit then complain you didn't search even if you do.
  3. I've only ever seen one for £100, and it was 7 years old
  4. How will it ruin your brake?
  5. What kind of noise is it? Does it only happen at a certain point?
  6. Ah I get it. Arnt those called cassettes? Like the profile. Is it true that if you have a front freewheel you have to use loctite on it because they come loose?
  7. Your profile says you ride a stock?
  8. Thanks aswell, I didn't know mod frames took 116mm hubs
  9. Somehow I don't think hair straighteners and trials biking are linked... My mate (mentioned earlier) has snapped 2 cables for his bb7 in less than a week. Don't know why that happened, but I'm not sure about cable discs
  10. With the freewheel I meant that. Still confused about freehubs. Does it allow you pedal and coast forwards or is it fixed?
  11. I just googled freehubs and freewheels. So freewheels allow you to coast, and freehubs are locked on the wheel so it can't coast. But because you have a freewheel on the front you can coast. Is it possible to have a freewheel on the front and back? So it would be like 16-15 gearing instead of like 18-11?
  12. Thankyou, both of you When you said " buy cranks in that size" what are the sizes. As in bb sizes, not lengths like 170mm and such. Edit: just realised you answered my question in the quote. So ignore what I just said, where are these threads on the cranks? Edited edit: I really need to read and remember more. Just scrap everything I said in this post
  13. Thanks, when I said tar my brake, I meant the rim. Can It be done on discs?
  14. First off, what is the preferred/normal place to have the freewheel. One of my mates has one at the front on the cranks, another of my mates has a profile cassette hub on the rear. Where is best? Second, do all cranks fit into anything, or is there loads of differant sizes. I ride bmx and they just have 3 differant sizes (mid,us and Spanish.) so I thought that trials bikes might have loads of sizes. Third, my dad says I shouldn't put tar on brakes. I know alot of people on here do, but he says not to. Do you tar both brakes or just one of them? Fourth, can the sprocket (or whatever you call it) on the back wheel (for fixed rear wheels) be taken off, if so, how? Fifth, 20" and 19" wheels, can I put a 19" wheel on a bike that comes with a 20" wheel? Thanks for any replys, I want to have knowledge on bikes before I buy one. I bought a bmx years ago without any knowledge at all and got a pile of crap.