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  1. Hey Guys! I just finished the editing of the full film. The final version is 1 hour 34 minutes (7,3 GB) You can get the film by supporting my project on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/biketrial_documentaries
  2. First of all sorry for my english and for the long story The start (2004) When I was age 12-13 my dad had a motorbike store, and I ride enduro motorbikes (yamaha dt 50cc, honda crm 80cc) almost every afternoon after school. Then after a not serious but scary crash my parents didn't let me ride motorbike alone again, so I in my free time I started to ride my MTB more. I started with wheelie stuffs, then a friend of mine showed a few 5-10 second long clips about bike trial in 2004. We started to practice hop on back wheel, and balance things with my friend. After we saw our first trial videos, (Toxicity, Otherside, Gong-li), we decided to buy our first 26" trial bikes, in 2005. We got some pallets in our garden, and we were riding like almost everyday. Then my friend stoped the riding, but I continued alone in a small town without without any connection to other riders. Competitions (2006-2010) Between 2006-2010 I started riding competitions in cadet, then junior. In Hungary we had 4-5 competition / year, usually with 50-60 riders. I loved this period. I had a really great training sport, so I improved really well. I made my first video in 2008, when I was 16. (video: https://bit.ly/2HqKvOC) Street period (2010-2014) After 2010 I decided to stop competitive trial. I was bored of the heavily forced UCI things in our country. I was young, and and I didn't understand how could I join to a club, or how could I get licence etc... I didn't had any close biketrial freind, and my parents also didn't help me in these paperworks things. I was bored of the many new ""stupid"" rules, I just wanted to ride. I loved the 09' Danny Mac video, so I decide to start street trial. I believe I was one the first riders who started this new era street ride in Hungary. I moved to Budapest, and I had some close rider friends in this period. The street was fun overall, but it was a bit frustrate to ride always alone, while all of my friends rode TGS trial, so I switched back to a "normal" trial bike in 2013. After the switch I made one of my favorite video (https://bit.ly/2WevDLk). I really enjoyed to ride with this bike... probably this was one of my top year in trial. Ride less. (2014-2017) After 2014 I didn't ride too much. I was bored to ride usually ride totally alone, and I also was busy because of the university and work. To keep trial in live in Hungary, I started to organize big city rides in Budapest, once time / year. Usually we had 30-40 riders in the city. It was awesome! Beside this I just went out 2-3 times / months with my friends, for a short ride to the city. These was my by moments from this period, when we went out with my 3-4 best friends for a nice ride, then after the ride to have a beer and some chill in the city. Without friends probably I would nearly stop the riding in this period. Back to UCI (2018-...) At the end of 2017 I discovered the UCI Live streams on youtube. I was totally amazed by Jack style and performance. I watched all the streams 2-3 times. In this period I wanted to sport more, and be more fit, but instead of going to gym, or start running etc. I decided to buy a crewkerz bike in 2018, and start ride more often and harder. My goal was to go back to my old level if it's possible, and start ride competitions in Elit category. I get back my old level much faster than I expected, then I started to reach new records. I went to a few UCI C1 competitions, and to two World Cups as well. My performance was not the best compare to other riders, but I really enjoyed to ride on competitions again, and even if I usually didn't finish any sections, I was really happy when I made a few nice moves on the sections sometimes. In the future, I'm pretty sure I'll go back to street again one day. But at the moment I enjoy the UCI stuffs
  3. Thanks the comments guys! I'm glad you liked it! @Canadrweb: Don't worry, there won't be any slow-mo in the film! @aener: That was a recovery move. Originally he just wanted to switch to the back wheel, but he didn't panic, and he saved the jump this way. I just made a new instagram profile for my project, where you can follow the updates and see a few behind the scenes shots, etc. in the future. Check out the highlighted story for two more jumps from the film: https://www.instagram.com/biketrial_documentaries/
  4. A few months ago I decided to start a documentary film series about Bike Trial. In the first episode I worked together with Charlie Rolls. The film will be more than 1 hour long, with many riding clips, interviews, tips for younger and older riders, and with many other extras. I'll publish a new episode in every month about different riders, including young superstars, old legends, street and BIU riders also, not only UCI. This is the trailer: The full film is 1 hour, 34 minutes. (7,3 GB.) You can get the film by supporting my project on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/biketrial_documentaries More info about the next episode coming soon
  5. Not the best quality, but if you like to watch competitions, you should watch it... there were some really nice moves, and Charlie's style is amazing. Riders: Jonas Kristiansen Joacim Nymann Thomas Pechhacker Charlie Rolls Eloi Palau Alejandro Montalvo
  6. Thanks guys, I'm glad you like this short edit! @Herbertlemon102: the grind was fine after a few minutes, but oh man, those foam grips was really disgusting in the next hours More videos coming soon, so stay tuned!
  7. I spent a few days in Barcelona, and I made a short video about my friend.
  8. Short video about two of mine friends, Tamás Máté (Echo) and Ferenc Boldizsár (Clean x2)
  9. I just got a new camera and a gimbal so I made a few test footage with different lenses and camera setups for testing. I filmed two Hungarian riders in a small indoor spot. Leskó József is kind of a legend. He started biking around 1996 and since then he continuously between the best Hungarian riders. Now he is 37 years old, and he still rides pretty well, and compete on World Cups. I was training with the guys too, I just grab my camera sometimes between to jumps, so usually I missed their best moves. Not the best video, but maybe it can gives you some motivation to go out and have a cool training in these winter days!
  10. Nice ride, and awesome spots! Where are you from? I'd write a few feedbacks. I hope they will be useful. I'd cut out the first 30 second. The less is sometimes more. I really liked the jump and the camera angle at 1:00 The slow-mo part at 2:20 not fit to the video for me. Nice cut at 2:36! As you wrote I also have some leftover feeling about the video. As I see you have the knowledge and style to do better lines and tricks. It just seems you don't know yet what jumps/lines looks really cool in video. Let's thinking about cool lines more and try to connect your jumps with more naturally/flow. I'm sure you could do them! Also try to riding faster, that would give a better flow to the video. For me usually helps a lot if I watch back the clips at the spot immediately. I always get many ideas how should I change the line, or where should use different technic, better style, etc. You'll spend much more times at one spot this way, and maybe you'll do something totally different than your first idea at the end.
  11. My all time favorites: 1. Spa: I already watched it minimum 100 times. 2. Marseille. (Marc Caisso at 1:53, and that dual trial part at 4:00 ) 3. Cologne: Perfect music choices. And there was a Graz World Cup video too, but I didn't find it I miss this kind of competition videos so much...
  12. You should come to Budapest! Awesome city, lot of great spots, and everything is super cheap! (We also have 4-5 skatepark in the city) Big city ride video from the last year: https://vimeo.com/239271669 An another great video which shows the vibe of the city:
  13. The weather was really bad, but I'm too exciting about my new bike, so I went out and made a few clips: