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  1. Don't get me wrong, I love Shimano too. XT has a 2 year warranty and XTR has a 3 year warranty. Their brakes are fine up front and the levers are legendary.
  2. Looks like if it isn't a Saint, Shimano < trials.
  3. There are schrader valve stems for tubeless use. https://www.bike24.com/p2272511.html But, this thread is exactly why I haven't embraced tubeless. Tubes work just fine for me, guess I'm lucky that way. Hopefully you'll be back on the bike one way or another soon.
  4. QM41 is the one I broke too, same place. The Hope equivalent definitely has more meat around that area.
  5. Geo now:
  6. Oi! That's hardcore! I'd recommend only using Magura or Hope adapters. I've only broken one Magura adapter in 11 years and no Hopes so far (but using Hopes far less). Glad you came out of that one OK! I'd warranty that caliper too. XT has a 2 year warranty.
  7. It looks like a tapered steerer. I'm not crazy about the post mount in the rear.
  8. Is this the bar you're talking about? If so then this bar is the truth! I've run Arcade bars, Answer ProTapers, Trialtech alloy and WAW carbon risers in the past, but this one is hands down the best so far. It measures out to the same diameter as the rest, but it feels slimmer than it is. I'm pretty sure they played with the carbon layup in the bends because it has the perfect amount of 'give' and doesn't feel like concrete like some other bars. I found the WAW ultimate bar was really too stiff for comfort and again it feels larger in hand. The WAW is on my comp 26" and I keep the Comas on my Hex because it just feels so good.
  9. Oh thank god it's got a seat! Now that's a great price point too. This will probably sell better than the 20. Well done Alias.
  10. If it's made of steel and has no seat it's dead on arrival. What 24" really needs is a better choice of rims. It's a wasteland out there for 24" rims. More tires would be nice too...
  11. I think the rim plays a larger role than most people think. I'm riding 26" street now so I have more choices, but since I've gone to carbon 35mm wide in the rear I've only had a pinch when I go to @ 20psi. And I'm running Jitsie or Michelin Air-stop super light tubes with Schwalbe table tops at 30psi. On my 24" I was afraid to go below 40psi. Now I can ride all the same stuff, but at glorious 30psi and not have the headache (and weight) of inserts and tire goo. What rims are you running on your 4play?
  12. Who's gonna be the first? Almost makes me want to get another 24". Still a little rich for me at the moment sadly. No geo yet that I can find. Good to see another trials company making a street trials bike at least.
  13. Pretty sure in 8 months you could have mined your own iron ore, processed it into steel, drawn the tubes and welded them. That just sux. But just think of the ultra exclusive club you'll belong to when you finally own your own Marino.
  14. Those are pretty good points, Cap. Also, in this position, doesn't the caliper become part of the rear triangle and get stressed from braking, ie it becomes the support brace. Seems like it would be beneficial to run an adapter to take those stresses, assuming you CAN run an adapter.
  15. It's a real shame custom alu is nearly impossible to come by. I have 3 custom carbon builders within easy drive from me, but besides Scorpio, I don't know any custom alu frame builders that can do a street trials frame. According to Albert, Scorpio is worth it so might see what they can do in the future. But like you said, between the Hex and the Czar 26 I'm not really wanting for much else.