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  1. That is a beauty! Silver and black with red trim is hard to beat. The paint was worthwhile over leaving it raw aluminum. If only all spare parts builds turned out this well!
  2. Haha! Thanks Adam! I'm just a natural contrarian. If someone tells me I have to do something one way, that makes me want to do it a different way. My ride today sold me even more on this bike. I was able to do everything I was doing on my Hex, but so much more maneuverable!
  3. It's 99% how I want it now so I figured I'd put it in the proper thread. Now that the brakes are bedded and the hoses are trimmed, I'm having a whole lot 'o fun on this thing. Spins like a dream, but doesn't quite match the power moves I could do on my 26s. I'm hoping that will improve as I get used to the bike. When I can afford those $300 Crewkerz cranks, I'll probably admit defeat and install them, but I'll keep tweaking the Bonz for now. Hopefully Mark approves of my hoses now ;-) Crewkerz Guilty Frame Czar 15mm through axle fork Industry 9 Hydra hub to Spank Spike Race 33 rim Extralite Hyper JF front hub to Spank rim Magura MT5s front & rear, 180mm rotors Comas carbon handlebar, 90 x 35 stem Bonz splined cranks, 18t to 13t Weight 20.6 lbs / 9.3 kg
  4. I'll get to that, don't worry. Just gotta make sure I'm married to this stem first. 90 x 35 right now.
  5. Finished! I got a Profile 13t faster than I thought and after 2 rides on the Profile hub, I decided to cannibalize my Hex Hydra hub and finish the build. 4 rides finished now and I don't miss my Hex one bit. The geo is spot on and it's more flickable than the Hex for sure. Pretty close to my Czar Neuron 24, but the Czar was a tiny bit too short. It's fantastic on the rear wheel. I do cringe a little whenever I look down and see that asymmetrical bottom bracket, but maybe I'll get over that. Just gotta bed in the new discs and pads now and then I can ride it with no holds barred!
  6. Shadow Conspiracy Invisa lite are my faves. https://theshadowconspiracy.com/shadow-invisa-lite-riding-gear/
  7. You guys are gluttons for punishment if you're suggesting a steel 20" bike with no seat as 'the one bike.' I loved my Alias while I had one, but as my only bike? Heck no! I'd vote Hex or Czar 26 just because they can double as 'normal' bikes perfectly. Pretty much every time I rode my Alias, I wished it had a seat. Never ridden a Lesson. Ali made the Crescent Ilions look pretty appealing too, but good luck finding one I guess.
  8. So here's as far as I've gotten. I managed to modify my Profile 10mm bolt on hub to work with the 12mm through axle as a surrogate wheel until I get my I9 hub. I might be able to get a Shimano crank to work, but it'll have to be a 'boost' version that I don't currently have. The Bonz is on, but trials cranks on a street bike is still silly. Since I had to go with the Bonz, it's 18t and sadly I don't have a 13t for the Profile (stupid proprietary splines!) so now I'm waiting on a 13t cog (or a Shimano boost crankset, hmmm...).
  9. I ran MT5 calipers with an XT lever for a while (rear) and it was fine. Didn't blow me away and I eventually went back to MT5 levers, but like Mark W said, if you've got the parts, might as well give it a go. It's a very easy swap. I put my Shigura experience in my brake review vid, but my final verdict was, it's just another brake option.
  10. As a self professed weight weenie, I was all about horizontal drops for a long time, but I'm totally over it now. Too many bent chaintugs and the ever drifting chainstay length finally got the better of me. I'm not completely sold on rear through axles, but my last 3 bikes have used them so the industry seems to be going that direction. I think the shortest possible chainstay and the extra chain wrap of the newer 2 wheel tensioners makes up for the weight penalty. My vote is solidly for vertical or through bolt dropouts. I hope this doesn't turn into the new 'V brakes vs Maguras" ;-)
  11. Oh darn. That's what happened to me too. But, yes, great customer service. Like I said, I had an out of warranty Torch and they replaced it with a new Hydra hub anyway. Yes, there was the whole unbuilding the wheel and rebuilding it again and the shipping back and forth, but I had a spare wheel to pass the time luckily. Hopefully my Hydras will last forever ;-) How old is your Hydra, Daan?
  12. Sadly I didn't get a deal on this frame as the US dollar is crap right now, but the fully built bike is going for $2700 plus! I'll definitely beat that price with my build and it'll be (almost) exactly the way I want it.
  13. Thanks for the offer, but I'm all good now. Everything I need for the build has been ordered. I've been 'making trials bikes work' for 11 years now and I'll make this one work too ;-)
  14. A direct mount 20t would be fantastic, but I won't hold my breath...
  15. The 91mm isn't the real problem, the offset is. I don't think a 22t and a bashring will clear the chainstay yoke. I'm going to borrow a friends 'Boost' XT crankset and see if it'll work, but I don't have the BB yet. I emailed Bike-trials.com in Spain and they got me a frame in no time. I emailed Serious Connection and TMS as well about it and they never got back to me. Ridefactory.ch has just the frame on their website.