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  1. Does anybody know if there's anything in the works for the 10th anniversary of the April 09 video? I'm not on FB or insta if there was anything there. That was the vid that got me into trials and I know I'm not alone in that. Anybody heard anything?
  2. Which axle version is that? Is it 10mm bolt on?
  3. There is much to be said for sticking with the same brand across your stable just for ease of maintenance (if you're the maintainer that is) and familiarity of setup. I'm married to Magura across all my bikes now so that definitely diminishes my desire to buy a different brand too. I finally sold my last MT7 and replaced it with an MT5. Trialtech MT5 pads in the rear, stock 9.1 Magura pads up front. Done.
  4. Availability Oi! Yes, I ordered mine in November and didn't get it until March last year (maybe Marino's making them ;-). I emailed Echo last summer and basically asked them WTF because I think it's a real winner. At the time you couldn't get just a Hex frame either so there was a real drought of 26" street frames. Now Tarty has both Hex and Czar in stock; what a difference a year makes! And just for the record - I decided to paint my Czar orange BEFORE I knew the new Hex was orange. I was going for the old Rockman Switch look; I always wanted one of those.
  5. I can't say enough good things about my Czar 26. I got it about a year ago. I got the 24 and 26 Czar frames around the same time and I've been riding the 26 almost exclusively since. I agree the geo is spot on. I'm not crazy about the Spanish BB or the chain tensioner, but neither were a deal breaker for me. There are some options to make a Spanish BB 24mm compatible so I could avoid anything ISIS. Racing Line also make some cups that will make a Spanish BB 30mm compatible. I've owned at least 5 Czars, an Onza, an Ozonys, an Alias and an Inspired since 2009 and the Czars have always held up fine for me. For the price they are impossible to beat.
  6. Don't forget a new chain too. If you're using your old chain it might not be marrying up with your new cog.
  7. I emailed I9 yesterday and asked them about the suitability of the Hydra for trials use and if using it for trials would void the warranty and this was their response, "I have zero trials skills unfortunately but if I did I would absolutely use our hubs. We do have a few trials riders using our hubs and no it wouldn't void the warranty." I imagine they got a lot of emails yesterday, but that's all the response I got.
  8. The Hydras just went on sale today here in the States for $435 USD. I'd love to try one too, but I don't need a new rear wheel at the moment. The price is on par with Profile or Chris King and some other high end hubs, but Hope definitely still has the price advantage. The Hydra does come in a bolt on single speed version. I couldn't be happier with my I9 torch single speeds so a Hydra would be nice to try out.
  9. Pretty sure the Spank rims are disc only. For rim brake rims you'll need to look at the usual trials rims suspects.
  10. If you cut enough teeth off on both sides you can use a real wrench to get it off. I've tied the wheel to a street sign post to hold it steady before and then go at it with a wrench and breaker bar. Viel gluck!
  11. I've got an '09 or '10 Zoot, the black and green one. It lives at my Mother-in-laws house in Germany so I only ride it for a month every other year or so, but I've had the same problems. It's still got the stock freewheel, which feels fine. It does have a bit of precession, but no worse than I've seen in lots of other bikes. I switched to more burly chain tugs just like you, but it didn't fully solve the problem. What I've finally decided is it's the chain trying to climb over a tooth and then slamming back into the trough because the whole rear frame is flexing during a good pedal kick. I'm sure you could film it with a higher speed camera and see it, but I'm fairly certain that's what it really is. I love how light my Zoot is, but that weight comes at a price. Even the newer Zoot Pro frames were pretty lightly built. I plan on replacing my Zoot next trip to Germany. If you figure something else out, let me know too. Otherwise I'll pass my Zoot on to a kid.
  12. Ah yes, i meant quick release, not skewer. And yeah resetting a post mount would be no fun.
  13. Why not make 2 versions of the fork? Also, if it's an IS disc tab you wouldn't have to set it up every time, you just unbolt the adapter instead of the caliper (assuming post mount caliper obviously). I'd opt for the non skewer fork, but i don't need to remove a wheel for travel.
  14. The best way to get better on any bike is to spend more time on that bike. It's always nice to think that we can just buy something to make us better, but practice is the only real secret. The Fourplay will probably be more fun to just ride around, but it's not a dedicated trials bike. If your end goal is pure trials, the Zoo will get you there. There's also no such thing as too many bikes and no harm in being an all around rider with many cycling disciplines under his belt. I'd say it's more spork vs salad fork.
  15. Well ok, yeah not the crank bolts, but I never had to check those in the field. I can only dream of being THAT hardcore!