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  1. It's the same as the Hope retaining pin. 3mm sounds right, I'm not gonna run out to the garage and check right now, sorry.
  2. Yeah I've cracked all the shimano BBs I've ever trialsed on. My euro BB bikes I run Hope BBs and no problems for years. The other SLX setup is on an Echo so Spanish Eclat BMX bearings with 24mm BMX spacers. Worked out better than I thought it would.
  3. I could never get my Trial Zones set up properly either. I even got the Tech3 levers, but not much changed. 2 different shops tried to set it up, but it always felt horrible. I finally gave up and got an MT5; I've never looked back. Good luck!
  4. I don't know why the MT7s get all the press; I've had so much better luck with MT5s. The MT5 lever is metal and the caliper is identical to the 7. I've got one MT5 that hasn't even been bled in about 3 years now and still feels perfect. The MT5 can be found for pretty cheap if you look around too.
  5. I've got SLX on 3 bikes now with no issues and I'm 180 lbs. I have one that was a triple ring cut down, the other 2 were the double version cut down. The double ring version has better spacing for our uses. I haven't tried the SLX single ring or the Boost versions.
  6. Here's my Czar Neuron 24": custom painted Illusion Mist (i didn't pick the name) Profile SS hub, DT Swiss 240 front Magura MT5/MT7 180mm Shimano SLX cranks & HT ME03 pedals 90x35 stem & Arcade bar Extremely fun bike, love the geo and the light weight
  7. My current ride, Czar Neuron 26" Love it so much. I9 SS rear hub SLX cranks & custom bash, HT ME03 pedals Magura MT5s, 203mm Spank rear, Light carbon front rims <3
  8. There are a few more variables to that question. Rider weight, which tire and rider finesse. I'm 170lbs and only notice hitting the rim on drop gaps and kicking up to my max on a sharp ledge with 40psi rear. With 35psi in the front I notice more deflection when I push off, but not rimming out. You can see the finesse aspect in comp riders; for the same gap/drop some riders just seem to land softer than others.
  9. That is a pretty trick bit of kit, but definitely overkill. If I had that kind of free time I could RULE THE WORLD!! ;-)
  10. I ride spank rims on all my 24s, but I run Holy Rollers instead of Contis. I go with James Barton's setup, 40 rear 35 front. The extra cush on the front is nicer on the arms. I run tubes also and I'll start to get pinch flats around 30 in the rear. I pretty much only ride urban terrain too.
  11. MMmmm, sticky! I was always told that if you do something you already know how to do while stoned, it improves you, but if you don't know how to do something it has the opposite effect. It was great back in my snowboarding and MTB days, but haven't tried with trials. My dive partner back in the day when I worked on a dive boat always wanted to get high and go diving, but I never had the courage to try that one either. Riding in Venice, CA you pretty much get a contact high from all the smoke already in the air.
  12. Finally got 2 days of riding on the new Light carbon rim and so far so good. The Holy Rollers were pretty tight on the rim (and not new either) so they should stay put. I'm running 35-40psi with a tube and no issues yet. I tried to do as many front wheel punishing moves that I could so it's as good a test as I can muster so far. I'll give a long term review down the road.
  13. Increasing my carbon footprint. Got the Light rim and laced it up to a DT Swiss 240. I didn't have a chance to ride it this weekend, sadly, so it might be next weekend before I can check it out. They are deep rims and it took me extra time to find a tube with a 48mm presta valve. The rim came with building instruction which I have included below; interesting reading. I'll let you know how it all goes.
  14. On my pure bikes I've always run either Vbrake or HS33s. However I did have an Alias 20.1 for a while that was dual disc. Admittedly it was set up for street, but I really like the setup. I had a Magura MT5 a/160mm rotor in the back and it was flawless every time. I've only had one problem with MT5s over the years (that I couldn't fix myself) and I sent it back to Magura and they sent me a new brake. Most of my MT5s have never been touched since install except for pad changes. My one MT7 is the exception as I've had more problems with it (more complex), but ATM it's working fine also. My fav was Vbrake rear for pure. I gave up on Hopes too.
  15. Nah, don't listen to Andy. Orange is hard to do justice in this digital photo age. Gonna look dope IRL. Assuming you actually get it someday... Trials riders do seem to be a pretty patient lot.