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  1. So apparently I'm not a very patient person. I'd wanted one of these Silex frames so I took the opportunity to use all those 'Marino' spare parts and build one. I've been riding the skatepark more lately so I wanted to spare my Guilty from the abuses that brings. That's how I billed it to my wife anyway. First impressions are pretty good, but I'm glad I got the Guilty and not one of these. Guilty wins hands down.
  2. Here's what they look like for reals.
  3. Adam I am completely sold on these hubs. I have 3 of them and the oldest is going on 2 years now and has seen the most use and it is still perfect. The one below is the real gold standard, Hyper Front. It's 76 grams and straight pull 3x disc side and straight pull radial non disc. I wanted to run it on my TMS Evo6, but a carbon disc fork with a 15mm through axle didn't happen so I ran it on my Hex and it was a dream. I ran it with a 203 rotor and it never failed. I'm back on 24" wheels now and I can't find straight pull spokes short enough (double butted) to run the Hyper Front hub on 24" hoops so I'm back on the J bend Hyper JF hub. The prices are comparable with other high end hubs and the build quality is top notch. If I break one, I'll let you know.
  4. Use code 'BOXCO10' for 10% off.
  5. BOX components has just announced a series of HG splined (Shimano) titanium cogs. They are sizes 13t to 18t with a 5mm wide base (same as the old Chris King stainless cogs). Not cheap, but something tells me they won't last long.
  6. No idea. I plan on using a different sprung tensioner anyway. Unfortunately Marino doesn't offer a 135 through axle. Wheels are done now. My purple Profile hub will have to do for the rear; hopefully the color will fit. I re-nippled the front first and tried a silver - orange pattern that I might go back to.
  7. I have the Bonz on my Ozonys Curve also and it has been flawless. For me the key was to replace the non drive side arm and it's been great ever since. I think since the BB is so wide on the Guilty there wasn't enough meat on the spindle for the other arm to hold onto.
  8. I love splinters on my inner legs! They're my favorite! I haven't exhausted the possibilities of carbon, aluminum and steel yet, I'm good. But, hey, designed it myself, grew it myself; that's a cool merit badge.
  9. The Bonz is just shy of 100mm. I used it on my Guilty that has an 80mm+ bottom bracket shell. It should work no problem on a 73, you'll just need some spacers to fine tune it. The 2 problems I've found with the Bonz are that nothing but compression holds the freewheel/cog/bash on and the single pinch bolt on the non drive side is not really enough. I have a Bonz on my pure 26" bike and it's been fantastic, but I put a Shimano non drive arm on with 2 pinch bolts. The Bonz crank does unlock a lot of drive possibilities though.
  10. The donor wheel for the front of this build will be my old wheel for the Crewkerz Guilty. Extralite Hyper JF hub to Spank Spike Race 33 rim, DT comp spokes. It just needs to be re-nippled with orange accents.
  11. Beautiful day, Venice Beach, Crewkerz Guilty and me. Repeat tomorrow.
  12. In the crank department, it'll be some form of 24mm goodness. Shimano XT, Deore or Bonz splined (maybe 18t, maybe 22t). I've got a sweet Hope bottom bracket on the way too.
  13. The contenders for handlebars are the Crewkerz WAW carbon bar or the Comas carbon bar. I've run the Comas bars on my last 3 bikes and I think they're a perfect bar, BUT the WAW bar is stiffer so might feel better on a steel framed bike. The WAW will go on first for a look-see and the Comas will be the fall back.
  14. Trials bike? Ridiculous design? I'm not sure how to take that 26" makes more sense for a Marino as the 26" street trials market is very underserved. If your timeline holds for me to I'll need to get myself something else for Christmas!
  15. Feb 3 !?! Holy chit! Well I've got my fingers crossed anyway. Did you go 26 or 24 or 20?