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  1. Thanks for that Andy. You definitely jump started my riding after we met. I need to do more in the stretching department. I have about a mile of a slow down hill to get to my usual riding spot so I try to stretch on the bike; calves for 30 sec and then way leaned back on the bike to stretch my back. I bought Ryan Leech's yoga for cyclist video years ago, but I've never actually watched it. I was once good about stretching on my off days, but I've gotten far less regimented about it lately. The heart rate monitor has been pretty illuminating. I raced XC MTB all through college in the late 90s and also used an HR monitor and would regularly see 210 bpm on sprint climbs; boy those days are gone! Now, because of my usual time limits on how long I can ride, I feel like I've sort of trained my body to peak for about an hour. If I rest between sections, I'll return to between 70-90 bpms. One Saturday that I was able to ride for a little over 3 hours, the HR monitor said I had burned 2400 calories! Pretty sure I had a large green tea milkshake after that ride! I used to take alpha lipoic acid after my rides to mitigate soreness and I've recently tried one of the CBD derived recovery drops that really helps with soreness, but I think adequate water before and after a ride plays a huge role in soreness too.
  2. What is that vid with the huge gap to rail? Got a link?
  3. I started riding trials at 35 and now I'm 44. I still have a long list of trials wishes, but I'm beginning to realize that at some point the highs will get no higher. At 39, I rode trials with Hans Rey who was 48 at the time and it was very interesting to see what I potentially had to look forward to. For all the over 40 folks on here, how's it going? What are your tips for making the most out of riding over the hill? It seems like the greatest hindrance to riding at this age is juggling family, work and life and the physical aspect is not the most limiting factor yet. Before I was 40, I had older riders tell me that after 40, I would not be able to ride 2 days in a row any longer. That's not 100% true, but I definitely understand what they meant. In a good week I can get 7 rides of at least 30 minutes plus; the weather's never really a factor here in Los Angeles. If I get one of those magical weekends when I can go for a 3+ hour ride both days, I am absolutely dead Sunday night and usually for a day or 2 after. I take multivitamins and I'm not opposed to Red Bull when I feel it'll help. Drinking enough water is a fairly constant problem. Injuries, often even small ones, will keep me from riding for weeks sometimes and then that in turn makes me ride more cautiously further slowing my progress. I've recently gotten a heart rate monitor to see where I stand and the highest rate I've recorded over the last 3 weeks is 176 beats per minute. Over a typical hour long ride I average in the low 130s. Riding pure trials raises the average versus riding street, but I'm much more comfortable riding street. I keep my pure trials at work where I can ride over my hour lunch break on some lovely rocks nearby. The street trials takes over on the weekends at home. That's one trick for maximizing riding time.
  4. There are a number of street frames that come set up for 160 rotors and it would put less stress on many parts of the bike/wheel, but at the end of the day, the rotor is still a lever. The bigger the lever, the stronger the braking force. If you're just starting out or you're not very heavy, try the 160; you can always easily upgrade later. Once you get into rolling drop gaps, you're gonna want the 203s.
  5. I think by simply asking the question, you'd prefer a seat. You can always run a seatpost bike with no seat, but the other way round is very difficult.
  6. The frame looks OK, but that fork looks terrible; throws the whole look of the bike off. And yeah, that's really short even for a 24". Time (and marketing!) will tell I guess.
  7. I forgot to check NW again. I got quite a few parts for the new build from Brian. My frame is tapered though.
  8. I didn't hear good things about the Echo carbons either, but I can't find one anywhere so it doesn't really matter. They don't have one on their website either.
  9. I'll have to wait for a 26" carbon disc fork ☹️
  10. I tried to parse through the 40 pages of the brake pad thread, honestly I did. I live on the other side of a long steep hill from most of my riding spots and I prefer riding to the spots over driving. This means that all my rides include at least 2 downhill runs. Now that I'm on the pure bike, I need a front rim brake pad that I can use for general riding AND trials. Right now I just have the regular Magura HS33 black pads on the front because they don't squeal like crazy when I'm just riding around. I tried the Heatsink Yellow pads because they were marketed as more street oriented, but I guess they meant for rear brakes. What are my options for a front rim brake that I can use for general riding and still perform well enough for front end trials moves? Are the Magura red pads any better than the black?
  11. That was way too short! I want some more of that for sure. Great riding and def nice to see some decades thrown in!
  12. Futuristic evil cool. I'll take that. My specs ended up being very close to the comp version of the V8 that trial-bikes.com was selling. They had the WAW stem on theirs and it seemed like a good fit even though i have drawer full of various stems that would have been fine too.
  13. After 10 years of riding mostly street, I finally decided to get a proper pure bike and see what it's like. I built it up from the frame with all the latest trick parts and most modern trials companies are represented somewhere. So far it's been a blast, but now I'm out for a while with a cracked rib (from the street bike!). Hopefully a video before the year's out. Clean carbon fork Trialtech rear hub Hashtagg rear rim Jitsie Race 100HS front hub Crewkerz light front rim Crewkerz 25 x 145 stem Clean 135 freewheel Bonz splined crankset 175mm HT ME03 pedals Hashtagg carbon riser bar Magura HS33 2014 in silver Clean ft and Jitsie rear brake clamps Jitsie Reverz tires F and R Monty foam grips
  14. Albert! I hope we get to ride soon too! You'll love the new bike ;-)
  15. Finally got out and did some filming on my Czar Neuron 26 that's over a year old already. Glad I got all this in the can because I got a new bike this week so I'm changing gears a bit. I hope you enjoy it.