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  1. Every bike shop I frequent has tried to hire me at the moment because they are all swamped and selling like hotcakes. In a strange twist, my stay at home wife went out and got a job so now I'm the stay at home. I've been filling up ebay with garage finds and I've mostly been getting asking price for all of it, which is doubly satisfying. I'm mostly just enjoying the time with my kids because otherwise I'd just be working to hard.
  2. I loved my 20.1 while I had it. I had BOX rims on mine and they were da bomb! Also had Animal monster truck tires on it and they were heavy, but remarkably good in all conditions. Very very nimble bike; effortless to throw it around.
  3. You could also try scoring the arcade chain tugs to give a little extra bite against the frame. Those tugs are mighty smooth. Or you could ditch the tugs, slam the wheel all the way forward in the dropouts and use a serrated washer and put in a sprung tensioner.
  4. Have you had any problems since? I talked to Tarty about it and Maxxis, at the time. Tarty said they thought something might be up too, but had numerous batches mixed so couldn't tell for sure. Maxxis just gave me the run around (I didn't save the emails :-( and I didn't get any free tyres out of them. Luckily, right after that I found a new pair on ebay for $36 and those were fine.
  5. The Kenda K rads don't hold up well. They are made from a fairly hard rubber that only gets harder with age. Strangely, the 26" Schwalbe table tops are better than the 24" version. In 26" you have two different rubbers available and folding or wire, but there's only one wire bead version available in 24". They never lasted long on my 24s, sadly, but they are very light. I've had dozens (it seems at least) of Holy Rollers over the last decade and they usually hit all the pluses; price, weight and size. However, I'm pretty certain that Maxxis had a run of 24" Holy Rollers that were a little off. The wire bead wouldn't seat properly or they were slightly oversized for 24". The last 4 or so that I've had have all been fine, so maybe that run is gone now. For me Holy Rollers last a good while and the rubber doesn't degrade like the K Rads. I've never tried the D Macs because, like was stated earlier, they're heavy and expensive, but that just means I have no idea how they ride. I wish there were more 24" options, but the Holy Rollers don't disappoint.
  6. Also, especially on 24" bikes with 135 rear ends, shorter cranks will interfere less with the chainstays.
  7. Where did your Zoot crack? I have that same model and my friend snapped his Zoot Pro so I guess the clock is ticking...
  8. You never know just how 'used' a used trials bike is, especially when those frames are getting up there in the years now. Maybe it was more of a thing here in the States, because we never really got the Pashleys, Paces and Curtis bikes. We had Zebdis and Norcos and those are tough to find that could survive another round of beginner school. Desire can overcome poor equipment any day (riddle of steel anyone?), but unless you're getting a smokin good deal, save your money for a modern rig. Maybe I'm the only counter point in this thread, but that's all I'm sayin. I'm all for more trials riders, street or pure. It's a barren wasteland for trails here in the US.
  9. It's a 180 rotor and I mentioned the pad contact thing to him, but he doesn't want to file the adapter. I guess that could have played a part, maybe.
  10. I often ride with a very talented 14 year old who always manages to break things in interesting ways. His latest feat was breaking a support from inside a disc rotor. I've tried to limit his exposure to bad habits from the start, but this one came from a locked rear brake on landing a sizeable 180 drop. It sounded just like a spoke breaking so we searched for a missing spoke and only checked the rotor much later in the ride. That was a new one for me. It was definitely time for a new rotor anyway.
  11. Not at all. Just be more specific, please; that's all.
  12. All good. Been a great time for riding and working on the car ;-) I don't go to Venice much right now. No protesters on SaMo Beach. Tongva's a different story. I bet UCLA is great right now.
  13. The Spyre and the Spyke are different animals. I had the Spyke front and rear on my Alias with 160 rotors and it was a beast. But like you said, good cable and housing counts for a lot with mech brakes too.
  14. I've been running MT5s for nearly 10 years now with almost zero problems and no broken levers yet. For all the pluses and minuses, the MT5 is very hard to beat. I recently tried Hayes' new Dominion A4 and while the lever does feel wonderful, I had numerous problems with the 2 sets that I ordered. Both are currently back with Hayes for warranty work. Not impressed. A few days ago I converted to a 'Shigura' setup with Shimano XT master and MT5 caliper and the first 2 rides have been great. The Shimano lever is very nice, but it doesn't have the fast return rate of the MT5 lever and I think the MT5 has more power overall. At the end of the day, for off the shelf ease, I still call the MT5 best. For the front on my new 26" I'm using an MT4 per Ali from his newer build and it has been perfect as well. Same master/lever as an MT5, but 2 piston and lighter. The best mechanical disc for trials is the TRP Spyke, hands down. It's a double acting piston design and is built to very high standards. BB7/BB5s are just outdated but still get the job done just fine. Rever also makes a double acting mech disc, but I've had mixed results with them as they have a bit too much play. Overall I don't like the mechanical discs because ultimately it is your finger strength that determines the brake strength and they don't have the on/off speed of hydraulics. HOWEVER - for front brake use, they are usually just fine and oh so much easier to run it through the steerer.
  15. Has anyone tried the new ebike chains for trials yet besides James Barton? You're more than welcome to chime in too, James.