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  1. I've got a review of the bike up if anyone wants to see me say 'om' a million times.
  2. +1 for the Crewkerz fork. One of the most gorgeous forks I've ever seen. I was in the same spot as you, I considered the Echo, but couldn't find one that wasn't astronomically priced. I went with a Born carbon fork, but upgraded to the Crewkerz pretty quickly. I didn't find anything wrong with the Born, I just wanted the tapered steerer and the 9mm through axle on the WAW.
  3. Another beach bum here. I've got loads of spots between home and the beach about 5 min ride away. Since there are few students on campus at the moment, I've been riding UCLA, about a 15 min drive away. Downtown LA is about a 30 min train or drive away, but it's usually a constant dance with security now that it's not a ghost town anymore.
  4. +1 for HT. I've used their AE03 and ME03 pedals for years now. One bearing died after a while, but they have full rebuild kits for $14 and great vids on how to do it without special tools. I've heard good things about the composite ones, but mine haven't died yet so haven't tried them.
  5. I had no idea the original 4play was that high. How long ago was that? (I've only been here 12 years) What was the biggest factor in changing it lower? I guess there really isn't a hard and fast definition for a street trials bike anyway. I'd say the Alias is a street trials bike, but it's way high BB and no seat so kind of a category unto itself. I'm happiest with +25 right now, but the wheelbase and head angle play a big part too.
  6. Say it ain't so! Are street trials bikes going the way of pure now? +30 BB on a street bike sounds crazy, but I haven't ridden one yet. The rest of the geo is fairly standard, 985 wheelbase, 74 deg headangle. It's got that same 'between the stays' rear brake mount as the TMS Champgn too. It also comes in white apparently. If anybody rides one, let me know what it's like.
  7. I used an XT lever in my experiment. It worked perfectly and they're easy to bleed, but I eventually went back to MT5 levers.
  8. Could have been a glaze on the pads from long, slow braking. The water trick will sort that or you can run the pads lightly over sandpaper (or flat cement in a pinch) to break the glaze. Usually the glaze will go away on its own with trials use unless you do more long brake drags that re-glaze the pads. Or it could have been something completely different. Glad you got it sorted.
  9. There really isn't anything in price competition with Hope's Pro4 oddly. I9, Profile and Chris King are all about the same price so dealers choice there. Echo makes a SS 72 point rear freehub, but I've never seen one in the wild.
  10. Update: So I finally broke down and got the WAW cranks that are made for this bike. The Bonz were working ok, but the 46mm press fit BB to 24mm axle just introduced too much flex in the system even though I was using Rotor's BB that is 46 to 24 without adapters. The WAW cranks are admittedly pretty sweet. Oh well, lesson learned. Also finally got carbon rims for this baby. The front is a 30mm BMX 24 and the rear is 38mm. They're both from Light Bicycle. I've only gotten 2 rides on them so far, but great so far. The wider rear seems to help the Holy Rollers fold less on sketchy landings, but I haven't gone bellow 35 psi yet. I'll keep you posted on these hoops. The bike is down to 20.2 lbs/ 9.16kg ;-)
  11. I didn't start riding trials until I was 34, but your early 30s are a difficult time. I think subconsciously it's your brain adapting to a 'middle aged' body as opposed to your previous, constantly improving, younger body. You still improve, but not nearly at the rate you could from 15 to 26 years. The real advantage of your mid 30s on is your ability to acquire wisdom more easily. You said it yourself in your initial post, not eating right, not exercising and not enough free time. Focusing on that list will improve your whole life. What it takes is planning. Plan good meals; schedule time to exercise/ride; make some 'me' time. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to endorphins and my wife has come to the realization that I NEED bike rides to be healthy mentally and physically. My kids are 9 and 12 now so that definitely gives me more free time than when they were younger. I was lucky enough to find a local kid who really wanted to learn trials and now after 2 years riding with him, he really motivates me to keep trying new stuff (he's almost 16 now). Riding with other people is a great motivator, but if you're in the US, you're probably riding alone sadly. I can't compare my current trials self with a mid 20s trials self as I wasn't doing it back then, but I do have the heart rate monitor graphs and boy are those two people different! I raced XC mtb from 1991 through the early 2000s and I know that I will never see 210 bpm again! I had the great pleasure of riding trials with Hans Rey when he was 48 (I was 41 at the time) and I was very keen to see what should be possible for lowly old me even at my age. Now having seen Ot Pi's lockdown backyard riding video I realize I have a hopeless amount of stuff left to learn even by his age. The point is you've still got cycling on your side and you've held onto it. You'll have to temper your expectations with age, but riding a bike will remain an immense amount of fun. You'll have ups and downs; just keep moving forward.
  12. I think you've tried hard enough to make this work that you've earned those stickers.
  13. Wider rims. A wider rim offers fewer points to cause pinches. The available 24" rims don't really give you that option and for street trials would make the tyre profile more 'square'.
  14. Completely off topic, but how's the trials scene in Argentina? I bet you guys have some epic MTB trails.
  15. For trials use it is mostly personal preference. 170 is stiffer and lighter just by way of lever length and your legs travel a shorter distance per revolution. 175 offers greater torque, but might not fit some trials frames or rub under hard kicks. Whenever you find yourself debating 170 vs 175, just remember Charlie Rolls uses 165s.