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  1. Hi guys, I'm suddenly have a massive itch to get a new mtb for whatever reason. I'd like full suspension and a steel frame. Yup, lots of options.. Just looking to have a laugh with it in woodlands, town and that new air pad thingy they set up nearby, not anything more serious. I've currently got a Stevens Glide ES from 2008 that's been in the cellar for 5 years now due to the brakes pissing all over the disks after fixing them countless times, until I got fed up. The frame is prone to cracking apparently and I don't trust it anymore at any rate. Initially I was hoping to find something I could use the parts I've got and still are usable but I've realised that literally everything has a new standard by now. I'm not sure how I'd get on with 27.5" wheels and 29" is completely out of question. SO: I found the DMR Bolt frame which looks quite nice and also seems to carry a reasonable price. There's also a serviced pair of Fox 36 170mm forks on a auction site for a nice price, but they're 27.5. I realised that my current 26" wheels wouldn't fit right away, but if I'd decide to stay with 26" is there any massive downside to using that combo? Are bikes with 27.5 wheels much less flicky or is that all my imagination? I'm just a bit hesitant to move too far away from my 24" arcade as I've always felt most comfortable on 24" as a kid with a 24" mountain bike as well as with the Inspireds. Does anyone have any other frame recommendations/ideas for me? I'd like to keep the budget as low as possible and am happy to get used parts too, but I do want a new frame that will last me a while in case I decide to stand it in a corner for another 5 years down the line. Cheers
  2. I too was taught that, technically, the normal course a virus takes is to become more infectious but less deadly. (during regular bio class, nothing specific) However according to an, admittedly, quick google, Indonesia definitely has delta too. Let's just hope viruses can't develop masochistic tendencies.
  3. Love the tweaked legs on that table Just caught up with this thread, absolutely amazing stuff in here, as usual!
  4. Thought I'd update this. It'll still need a few things but it works for now and is brilliant fun and works for light trials work well too! It feels enormously high with the fork, stem and bar combo when standing next to it, but it's very comfortable when on it. Weight is nice too, hope it'll hold up! To do: front tyre that isn't basically a slick, chainguide, different rear rim - is there any reason no one uses drilled trials rims on XC bikes? - brake booster and maybe a little front mudguard.
  5. It's quite amazing to see how different countries go about vaccinating. I sometimes listen to English and Scottish radios on radiogarden and the frequency of "get vaccinated" reminders was creepy nearly. Here we have barely anything as far as I have seen. I got my first one because I travel inland more frequently now to see my girlfriend, and she got it too. It didn't feel comfortable with lots of people suddenly behaving like it's 2019 again. Plus I felt like I'd rather be in the same boat as her really. Easier travelling is a bonus, though I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be doing it. However, I could go to Germany, France or Italy easily with only a negative test, it'd cost me about £140 though. Is that option not available in the UK, or is the vaccination an eurobike specific requirement, Ali?
  6. I actually only just had all this at school.. And I've forgotten most of it already within two weeks.
  7. Can't wait to find out how badly (or not?) this will ride Haven't got the tools around to get the cranks/bb off the old bike and the rear disc of this wheel. Ought to find rim brake friendly rim too and some hs33 adapters. Was looking forward to putting my orange echo booster on it, but the mounts are way too close to eachother at about 84mm. Also not sure what I'll do with the gearing. Front chainwheels look well munched. A headset bearing would help too and a stem with a tad less rise maybe.
  8. I took an absolutely different route and ended up with a Wheeler 8080 frame from not sure when. Should be fun to build up!
  9. I totally forgot it it being cast too. There's a chap in town that welds/builds up completely grenaded cast heads and blocks but I'd probably need to sell a kidney to have any work carried out by him. I suppose it's worth asking him though! Also am contacting the chap that retubed the forks, but honestly I can't be bothered sending them away again.
  10. Yeah one would think so... The work was carried out in the UK as no one in Switzerland does this anymore. Sent it over hust before covid with a quoted lead time of 12 weeks, this got extended a little because he ran out of tapered tubes. Then nothing else but covid happened and I assume he had lots of top paying jobs to do otherwise and my lowly forks were on the backburner gathering a light coat of rust. His reputation is excellent as far as I can tell and I'm a bit surprised and slightly miffed to say the least to find this crack.. I just found a thread where someone is replacing the steering damper anchor points on the tank and deemed silver solder too weak for that, so I'm definitely not doing that with my forks!
  11. Will try to get hold of some phosphoric acid to clean it up. Not sure how well solder would hold up. I'd mainly like to avoid a scenario where I suddenly run over my front wheel as much as possible.. I suppose Adams suggested weld would be stronger? Currently still trying to find the real end of the crack, and I'm not sure if I can drill clean enough - I was always told to drill drum cymbals when they start to crack and not once did that help me..
  12. Finally got my motorcycle forks back after 14 months. Had them retubed as the original tubes were irreparably bent. That part of the post technically should go into the happy thread. However... I got time to inspect them properly yesterday and found a crack at the "drop outs". Probably crash damage from whoever bent them. I didn't see this since I left the paint on when I sent them off to be repaired. Repair dude apparently didn't see it either.... I know there are some talented welders on here. Can this safely be welded with the be tubes in place or would (heat induced) issues with the solder arise? Properly bummed.
  13. Soo, there's a DMR Bolt on ebay.. Anyone fancy gutting it for me and sending the useful parts on?
  14. afaik the size of the planet doesn't matter. It all depends on its mass. Think about black holes. I'll try to find the formulas later, technically it should be a reasonably simple calculation. You're looking for Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion I think.
  15. I trust you.
  16. When are you taking orders?
  17. Definitely higher round here, but a lot of things are disproportionately more expensive, food and drink mainly, which is up to double the price. I've got some friends who used to do a 2hr round trip every two weeks to Germany to get their food cheaper (pre covid) and be able to put some money aside. Also, I recently found out that daycare for one child is an eye watering 90quid per day. Sure the wages balance things a little and look really nice on paper but depend on so many things. I'm quite sure they're not double though, especially not after tax, insurance etc. addendum: Some googling reveals that a £90k job should currently be compared with £115k job here.
  18. Same is happening here, and some areas now have laws that only allow a certain percentage of flats/houses to be secondary homes. Of course this has downsides too as some villages that were clearly below that percentage sold up and others that were at the limit are trying to build more houses. Sometimes I think I'd quite enjoy living somewhere* really remote but obviously also couldn't and wouldn't want to compete with rich chaps buying a little weekend home. That said, looking at the prices quoted in this thread maybe I should. The one bedroom flat in the neighouring house had a pricetag of £300k. *not in switzerland. Swiss villages hold next to no appeal to me. Country side is nice, the houses very much less so.
  19. Thanks! It's got way better now, I think I only got one explorer crash within a week, and that pointed to NetFramework this time. if it stays this rare I think I can live with it. I would like to upgrade sometime, but I can't possibly justify it at the moment (not that that would stop me...). Speaking of mobo components: Funnily enough I get coilwhine from the mobo as soon as I start up Trackmania United. Always has done that as soon as the .exe is running. I never figured out why that happens. I don't get it with any other games or programs either. Powerline adapters can be a pain, but when sorted they work great. Depending on how your house is wired you might also get issues though.
  20. I (re-)found/finally tried Bricklinks "Lego Studio" last night. Today I realised that you can load all parts of a selected set into it and start building. It's not what I actually had planned on doing, I actually wanted to build a little landscape for a tensegrity thingy, but now I've spent about three hours assembling some sets I always wanted as a kid and it's made me very happy. Also made me realise how dumbed down the instructions are now a days...
  21. Amusingly owned by a Barry.
  22. I think most people enjoy getting and also giving presents. However, I don't quite get* the "what do you want" question above a certain age. I understand it by children since you don't want to get onto the wrong side of them. But by grown ups? Either you know the person well enough to know what they'll appreciate or you don't need to be giving them anything at all. Unless you feel like it's a way of making up the lack of knowing them well? I started making presents myself again, mainly for Christmas though, only a select few people get something for birthday from me. They're appreciated if they're somewhat useful, are fun to make for me and saves any kind of "what do you want" question. And if it's not appreciated the person won't be getting another next year. *wrong thread, I know.
  23. Finally ran Memtest. No errors after two passes so I doubt that's the immediate problem (but what do I know?). Started uninstalling lots of stuff to see if it magically fixes itself.
  24. After close to 6 years I think I finally may have learnt how to do this without too much hassle! Just need to get the brake in line with my disc again some day.
  25. SSD: Yes, OC: No. Fresh install: Yes. Memtest: Should finally do it, but simply ignoring the PC was easier. Ought to start that tomorrow incase my school does need to switch to homeschooling again after all and I'll one more be dependent on the computer. Thing is, I seem to be a magnet for pretty rare computer issues. When I built it it didn't boot x times out of 10. Turned out the RAM was incompatible with the specific MoBo. But yes, I did get the regular picture viewer crashinfg on win 7, but no other issues. I'm was hoping it'd disappear entirely and not get worse by switching to win10! At the start I was getting explorer crashes every few minutes, but that was something to do with "Stardock (?) Fences" that I used to organise my desktop. So I got rid of that. Then the event viewer started pointing to a .dll to do with the GPU driver, so I did a fresh install of that. Didn't help though. On win7 it used to point to a ram error. Not sure what to believe now but it's tedious.