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  1. just wondering if the still make base bikes as im after a pink ta26
  2. you still go the iphone? email me kooshy1234@hotmail.co.uk

  3. i managed to get a real bargain on ebay there is still just the frame on there and the guy is wanting 150 for it which in my eyes is over priced
  4. ill be in yorkshire for 2 weeks next month nay one got any good sugestions on where to ride?
  5. hi there i used to own a 20" monty years ago just bought a 26" base and am stuggling should i go back to 20" or choose a different 26'
  6. hi there im josh im 22 used to ride years ago i had a 20" monty trying to re cindle an old flame and felling the pain i now ride a base ta 26 thanks josh