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    2005 Koxx Levelboss 26 inch on Cannondale Fatty R's, Middleburn Rs7's, Louise disk and hs33. 2007 Koxx XTP 20 inch with tryall trimmings and a white industries freehub.
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  1. From the album Aberdeen Uni session

  2. From the album Aberdeen Uni session

  3. From the album Aberdeen Uni session

  4. From the album Aberdeen Uni session

  5. From the album Aberdeen Uni session

  6. Where is everybody?

    1. FamilyBiker


      i am here.just fyi haha

  7. Hello, my name is Aaron and I am on the lookout for any Aberdeen trials riders. In the last twelve years ten guys have quit so im part of a dying breed. Are you still in Aberdeen and riding biketrials sir?

  8. Be there any northside riders game for an Aberdeen Jam? I've been flyin solo up here. This weekend or next.
  9. So Martyn is now called Tom and he directs WOW. Well it's a bit of a step back from being world champion but if the hat fits......
  10. A super bit of information, thankyou my good man. I have an interest in this at the minute because I fractured my ankle a while back and got the cast off a few weeks ago. My doc told me I won't need any physio and can build the leg up by myself. Have you any advice on exercises and movements I can do other than swimming and walking? And what's the best plan of attack once I can get back on my trialbike? Thanks again chief.
  11. Hi kev, I like the sound of this barn you say you're setting up. It's ideal for winter practice. I'll have to come down and check it out some time. Take care mate.

  12. Give some thought to how you shift your weight on the bike when doing certain moves. Experimenting with this has helped me go higher and further while keeping things smooth. Also letting a bit too much air out of your tyres forces you to be easy on them otherwise its punctures aplenty!
  13. A few day's and this guy get's validated! Oh what's the point in even trying?
  14. Try and hunt down some original cannondale fatty R forks.They are quite old by today's standards but they still tick all the right boxes for me and they look gorgeous. Twenty inch trials bikes are a bit easier to throw around and to learn new moves on but I think a guy of your size should stick with what you've already got. If you can learn trials on a mountainbike you can pretty much ride anything.
  15. I started riding trials in 1999. A lot of my friends were experimenting on mountainbikes, dirt jumping and street riding. We started doing trials without even knowing it and once we saw the martins in a certain magazine we never looked back.