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    2005 Koxx Levelboss 26 inch on Cannondale Fatty R's, Middleburn Rs7's, Louise disk and hs33. 2007 Koxx XTP 20 inch with tryall trimmings and a white industries freehub.
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  1. Indeed, it is the long wheelbase GU Typhoon circa 2006/7
  2. Laddie bhoy, how are you?

    It has been a while. Do you still have a ride? your old DDG shooter perhaps?

    Myself and Dave Michie have been back into trials in a big way. Dave still has his Ashton Cannondale and a Onza mod. I've got a couple of Koxx.

    What are you up to these days?



    1. AaronMac


      Just look at those Fatty R's! Lucky swine.

    2. 1 kev ross

      1 kev ross

      Alright it sure has been awhile. Still got an old giant Martin hawyes and a echo pure. Don’t do much ridding now though. Where about are yous ridding these day?still Aberdeen?

    3. David Michie

      David Michie

      Yo Kev!

      How are you doing? 

      We are still in Aberdeen. been out riding most weekends and while on furlough. Get yourself through to Aberdeen for an old school session!!!???? Still joinerin eye? 

  3. Can't believe i've ridden 23 years and i'm still a newbie!!! Shame on me.

  5. West is best! Fort William/Fort Augustus/Kinlochleven are a treat!
  6. Yo, I'm late but if you make it as far as Aberdeen, come visit Cove harbour, St Nicholas shopping centre roof garden and Footdee rocks at Aberdeen Harbor just to mention a few. The rest are more spaced apart (on a seatless bike with one gear forget about it!).
  7. Good effort lad's! I concur on the V-racing. Bike porn at its finest!
  8. Do Koxx still honour they're lifetime warranty?
  9. Nothing left but to switch to 26, backstabber.
  10. Thats bad.
  11. 2005. Good times.
  12. Busted and disgusted.
  13. Died today. To be continued.............
  14. evolved.