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  1. Sick one.
  2. Kudos to all. Simply amazing!
  3. There you go old bean:
  4. Can a fly stop a train? But really - if someone is blind from birth and has never seen daylight before, are they able to have dreams? Are they even able imagine things in their head? I don't see how as they won't know what anything looks like.
  5. Gap up the fishes = knew it was possible. Everything was bang on! 100% super
  6. Yeah, I've got an account Not got any invites though - soz!
  7. Definitely not now it's been built up, soz! Good shout organising it Mark, had a well good day. Aching now though. Shit hot riding going down too!
  8. She's back... Curtis 24" in fetching green
  9. Cheers everyone! Have indeed started riding my 24" again after over 2 years off. Don't think I'll be up to filming much soon though This has gotta be the best vid surely?
  10. Afternoon all Decided this weekend to upload all of the videos that I ever made over the last 11-12 years, including the very first Nailseatrials videos. Thanks be to Janson (RIP) who made me a CD of them all some years ago because of a hard drive failure I had. I thought I'd lost the CD but managed to find it again the other day. So now at least, they're on the web forever. Excuse the crap quality (modems were 56K back then, and no YouTube either!) and poor editing, plus the fashion and music shockers. So anyway...enjoy! There's 30 videos in total.
  11. Don't come on the forum or even ride much anymore but this news made my gut wrench. So many riders, so young as well. Makes me sad If there's a ride going in down remberance, let me know and I will be sure to make it. Stay safe guys. Boon xx
  12. f**king amazing Ali. Speechless!
  13. Go to Berlin mate. Seriously good, and pretty cheap.
  14. Dialled.