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  1. I'm 39, I ride brakeless and am out every week.
  2. Hey dude, good to meet you earlier. As I said I don't ride in Swindon much anymore let me see if Airton is on here and I will hook you guys up.....
  3. Wow - that was epic
  4. Always refreshing to here a young kid driving his mums car shout "where's your seat" especially whilst on top of a rail!

    1. isitafox


      What was he doin driving on a rail?

  5. Packed and ready for RADFEST

    1. isitafox


      Running a bit late then

    2. F.N.G


      Just a bit.

  6. Did anyone notice the presence of a rear disc brake?
  7. Hey stranger, why did you ride there?? Xc I guess there are no trials lines or are there????
  8. Hi guys, I live and ride (sometimes) in Swindon, used to be lots of us (James porter, ben rowlands and many others) now a few new guys and me!! Lots of good spots but I mostly ride Bristol now. Would be good to ride some other local spots!!
  9. A harsh grind everytime accept if you ride lots of manual street stuff and want smoother style then use smooth rim and appropriate pads. Grind works all of the time and the pleasing noise let's you know your breaks are working just fine, the noise is also good for alerting others of your presence!! It's finding your favourite pads that's hardest. Most trials retailers will grind a rim if you don't want to go to work with the angle grinder...... As Ali C said you can trust it in the wet, which gives confidence in conditions such as the current weather.
  10. Age is but a number, as long as you have fun and find it rewarding then why care what others think. It does hurt a little more as you get older but if you don't try you will never know. Trials is social, challenging and fun, what have you got to lose?
  11. Well done I am 35 and ride trials, just go out and and enjoy it. Maybe try Ryan leach's "mastering the art of trials" very helpful for core to advanced skills.
  12. Hi my name is James, I am not really a new rider as just starting to ride more seriously again after a bit of a break. I mostly ride swindon and Bristol although I miss the old school group rides. My profile was screamer but after so many issues trying to recover my password to an e-mail address that no longer exists I thought I would start again!! (please moderate me) I am 35 and ride a GU LE and a battered fourplay. So feel free to say hi both old and new members and if you fancy riding Swindon give me a shout.