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  1. I get that but my last effect had a rear disc and I didn't really have a problem with it, as I mainly do light street trials or just general riding with it
  2. I have an Diamondback Ashton effect 24" trials bike, and I'm just wondering what is the difference between a hope mono trial caliper and a hope mini mono caliper? As I've heard only the mono trial will fit the rear of the bike but they both look very very similar.
  3. i am not splitting the bike

  4. Hi my names arran i live in manchester denton to be precise but am pretty new to trials as i used to ride bmx alot but i bought a 09 echo lite 20" n am looking for people to ride with in manchester, but i am still getting used to my bike as for the last 4weeks i have been out with injury so looking forward to getting back on it.
  5. any suggestions welcomed for music to listen to whilst riding as i love trials and music of all genres
  6. well the the forum is shit at the end of the day because if someone was suffering from dislexia they couldn't get validated (DISCRIMINATION) or if they come from a poor educated background they couldn't either which is DISCRIMINATION i hope you are happy with yourselves as a forum is to chat and get general advice which alot of people cant because of the sad fools who made this site really need to get a grip with reality because not everyone has an oxford university A in grammar most people on here are average everyday people and everyday people do not have perfect grammar and i will never advise anyone to use this site as you discriminate
  7. hi, i ride an echo lite 09 i currently have wheels that have been grinded but i am about to buy myself a new wheelset and am just wondering on what pads to use with the wheels as i do not want to get them ground and is there any pads that will not take the paint off the wheel as quick, or is there anything to prevent this. 2months and no validation this is shit
  8. yes i understand that but what i mean is, is there any other products out there that can help stop it that i could buy as i am not the only one with this problem so surely there should be a means of buying a solution that stays on the bike. as i ride my bike what ever the weather snow rain sun or wind so i make sure i am warm but as i have said i have broke my collar bone so as soon as ican ride again i will be doing but want to make my bike as sound as possible so i have no worries. can you buy a chain gaurd because every other type of bike you can buy one for. dont get me wrong i love trials but it doesnt seem the manufacturers actually ride themselves or seem to solve general issues i used to ride a lot of park bmx and have had about 6 different bmx's with very small to large chain wheels and never had this problem surely there is a solution other than wear shorts or "trackies". as i want to be able to ride in what i find comfortable and i dont like "trackies" or slim fit jeans i like to wear baggy clothing especially pant wise as i dont like pants that stick to your leg hence why i ride wearing baggy clothing as i have throughout park and dirt jumping and never had any problems. seems like only trials bikers have this problem that you can't solve via a safety measure for your bike. clearly the makers care more about lightness and looks than safety. sorry for going on... i am just looking for a solution i can put on my bike so i do not have this problem for when i am able to ride again doesnt have to be a cheap one just one that works..... please help no suggestions like changed your pants or trainers i dont want as i also ride to work. where i have to wear pants or jeans which will just get caught. starting to feel like the manufacturers dont actually want people to ride trials when the have basic problems that cant be solved with a product
  9. hi again is there nothing i can buy like a cover instead as i have broke my collar bone as a cause of getting my pants caught in the chain. is there not a cheap solution that i can buy to put on the bike so i dont have to worry about what i wear can anyone give me any suggestions or is it a diy job?
  10. i have an echo lite 09 with monty isis cranks but keep getting my pants caught in the chain would a bash ring stop this and what bash ring would fit, or do all bash rings fit?
  11. why not? this would be a very good system for trials ridersinstead of having to spend fortunes on upgrading frames and the rest of parts that would be needed. personally in my opinion i think this would be a great idea if a company decided to make one of these brackets, after we are only just out of a recession and with tax and all the other cons the government are running it should all ready be out. And asking for validation should not make it take longer it just puts off trials riders from joining as i got recommended by two friends who no longer use the site because of the validation rule as they were on here for 2 months and still never got validated after making numerous posts and comments
  12. just like to say thanks for the advice and i have just bought an 09 echo lite 20" as i did bmx but as had a specialized p2 and i am more comfortable riding a 20" to a 26" as a 26" just doesnt feel right but thanks the advice anyway
  13. does any one know if you can buy a bracket that will mount into where the magura's fit that adapts to a disc so you could have a disc on a non disc frame? is this possible or am i just thinking of something for future release? as i have an echo lite front disc only but would like to convert the rear to disc but am wondering if this is possible without buying a new frame is there such an addaptor? i also need to be validated if anyone can help this would be greatly appreciated
  14. hi im just looking at buying a trials but was wondering if i should get a 20" or 26". I am about 5.8 and have ridden 20" bmx on street and park for a few years, also what would be best fotr doing tricks. how do i get validated
  15. im probably going to spend between 300-500 just wondering also what size to get 20" or 24" and what brakes would be best for front and rear?