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  1. Very happy with my pixel 2. The pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL have two different manufacturers using different hardware. Pixel 2 - HTC (i think) Pixel 2 XL - lg. My girlfriend has a Samsung s9 and I don't think it is as good as the pixel 2. The Samsung software tends to crash alot more. Also the pixel 2 has a very clean interface, no bloatware unlike the Samsung. One last thing if you like the standard size pixel 2 don't be off out by the smaller capacity battery when compared to its larger rivals. The battery life is excellent im a heavy user and I still have charge by the end of the day (5am till midnight)
  2. Materialistic, weak, cowardly scumbags. Disrespectful that I breathe the same air as people like him. I'm a lurker but had to write it down somewhere.
  3. Pretty much failed an mot for the sill the rest of the car is in really good condition even the paintwork surprisingly. My mate just wants it gone and £50 is more than scrap value.
  4. Bargain of the year, picking up a 1.8 mk1 mx5 for £50 hopefully sometime this week! Only issue is a small patch of rust on the sills that i can easily weld up. Then strip the car of unnecessary parts and cover the cost of the £50. Gonna inspect the car this weekend and hopefully all is good.
  5. I don't own and have never worked on an mx5 but, Bad or incorrectly set tps? Have you tested the maf? Unplug it and see if anything changes, it shouldn't rev over something like 2k drop down and eventually die. Usually runs rich. Check both with a multimeter and clean the element in the maf. Both the above will cause a rough idle and stalling. Don't think it would be a thermostat as a car will run without, just take longer to warm up.
  6. Faulty or incorrectly set tps?
  7. Its a 20 year old engine now, of course it will need a rebuild. After all you get what you pay for, buy a cheap CA its going to need to be stripped down, buy a properly built one at a higher cost and it wont. The SR was introduced to faze out the CA as it was costing Nissan too much to manufacture, it is actually the better engine of the two. The little things love to rev. If you decide to try a bmw don't go for the N54 go for the M50 e36. The M50 is nowhere near the cost of an SR. Solid gearbox too! Avoid the s15 not worth the money. The KA engines aren't a touch on the SR which is half the price. 1JZ is another good option as mentioned above, toyota soarer with a manual conversion (R154 box) would be an awesome machine. As pete mentions a 350z would be a good option, few mates have them. The VQ engines are pretty good power out the box but are not the best when you want to squeeze more out unlike other style V engines. The 350 its self is a heavy car so you may struggle to learn. There are more than one variant of the 350z so watch out when buying one. Think the nismo edition has more power out the box along with some nice touches like brembo.
  8. An s13 or s14 would be fine for a daily driver. Make sure it's an sr20det engine not a ca18det as spares are much more available. Nothing wrong with the ca18det i have one myself. Panels etc are easy to come by too. S2000 are no good for drifting. It's the engines not the chasis. Panels are going to be expensive and you will crash. MX5 is a good car easy to get spares, cheap to buy and repair. Underpowered but anything will slide. Why not go for an old bmw with an m50/52 engine. Inline six. Dirt cheap, less than a mx5. Loads of spares available and the engines are bomb proof.if I remember right they are around 200bhp. In Europe people turbo them and double that figure on standard internals. Drums on the back with a hydro will lock really well too! Also if you are thinking about drifting you may want to look and see what available mods there are for your car before committing, especially angle mods.
  9. Sorry should have said, it's a bit of a frankenstien. 1999 c-class with a ca18det engine swap. Rwd Ca18det from a s13. What remains of the Mercedes ecu runs of the original key. Ca18det runs of independent switches. Fuel pump, ecu and ignition are all independent from each other. The ecu is preface lift so it runs without a lambda sensor.
  10. Car runs with 0 fuel preassure but as soon as I turn the fuel pump on the engine immediately dies? It's got the correct fuel preassure too but does miss fire on idle. Going to check plugs, packs, timing and for any leaks tomorrow. Any ideas?
  11. The toast has to be just past golden, crunch on the outside fluffy on the inside. Must be hot too. Enough butter so not all of it melts then ample amounts of BOVRIL. I also like spready cheese instead of butter to change it up.
  12. Haven't seen the grand tour yet but man that drive tribe show looks proper decent! Looks just as mad as the grand tour!
  13. Few jobs going at Martin Baker Aircraft based in Denham near Uxbridge.
  14. No diet whey will not affect growth as long as you consume enough complete protien along with carbs and fats. Diet whey will not keep you lean either if your training for a bit of muscle . May be cheaper just to use a standard whey isolate . On the subject of staying lean there is no need to shy away from fat either. Needed to shuttle nutrients and produce hormones for mass building .
  15. I had this problem when typing on the trials forum. What os does your phone use happened most for me when using cyanogen? Also try another browser, stopped when i changed browser.