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  1. Last post of the day, hope you guys feel honored as I'm still on my 3 post per day curfew. I made the new account as I've done a bit of growing up and didn't want to be tied with all the childish behaviour I was doing on the other account. The frame feels spot on to ride, the lowish bb and high front end makes the bike feel like it actually fits me. Previously I was on a super high low front end comp machine and I was just no good for my knees or back. This thing actually feels like a bike and doesn't feel like I'm just going to ride into things like all my previous bikes have felt like. It's really good for bunny hops and rolly stuff (did a 40" wall, bunnyhop to manual the other day) Anyway so far so good, plus it's lasted 5 weeks. Must bera new record or something. Cheers for the comments!!
  2. Same about today's weather but what a great venue Rogerly Quarry is, and the sections were spot on!! Many thanks to Paul And Allan for making these competitions happen!
  3. Spread a load of jizz evenly across the surface and then scrub vigorously with wire wool. Works a treat.
  4. Onza Genesis 26" with bright green brakes and i was wearing a bright green helmet and probably either some boxing shorts or some jogger bottom shorts.
  5. That's funny 'cause Baxter is stood right in the middle in the burgundy t-shirt.
  6. Anyone know who the guy with the big fancy camera was, he got a few good photo's of me and wouldn't mind stealing them.
  7. I find when I ride a high BB bike i just want to roll my bars forwards and ride rocks all the time. but on a lower BB frame I just want to do manuals and bunny hops, hence the reason i like quite a neutral BB rise.
  8. +55 with a medium length wheel base at around 1080-1085.
  9. About 650 I think, not sure I haven't measured them, I just cut them down until they felt right.
  10. Look for some triple walled DH rims and some big 3" fat bike tyres. That'll add a few KG.
  11. Hi, it's been a while since a posted a topic on her, but here's a photo of my current whip. Spec: Onza Genesis Frame TrialTech Forks Tryall Stem Tensile Bars (45mm Cut off each end) Tryall Cranks Trialtech Magnesium Pedals Onza BB Echo Freewheel 2005 Maguras Echo Tr Wheel set Tryall Tyres.
  12. Should be a laugh.
  13. Let me know how she rides though, the geometry looks to my tasting, and the Genesis is a bit ropey at the minute.
  14. Never have I saw the words 'Rockman' and 'Strength' on the same page before.