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  1. Hi mate interested in the trial tech bars and silver stem. would you take £40 post now?

  2. Sorry mate I ment to write £45 for the brake posted

  3. hey rob, looking for £55 posted brake pads and clamps. Cheers

  4. Hey Jamie, will look forward to meeting up with you guys, hopefully moving near to harlech mate, yet to be confirmed yet though:D
  5. Cheers guys, moving up that way at the end of this year so will give those spots a go. Jamie ideal I will get in touch when I'm up there that would be great to have someone to ride with, many people ride with you up there?
  6. Hi everyone does anybody know of any decent street spots in North Wales?
  7. Price has dropped to £525 now, thought i'd let you know.

  8. hi Tom, tried posting in the wanted section, still not having any of it mate, just takes me back to the home page???

  9. hi Tom, im allowed to make 5 posts a day now on my account, but when ever i try and do so when i actually make a post it just takes me back to the home page for some reason, i have read the guide lines and im not trying to sell either and i have even marked the posting guidlines as read. Can you help please cheers scott

  10. haha yeah that was my next question about the train driving it is then. really looking forward to it, may book a b and b and make a weekend of it.
  11. thinking of visiting portland bill in the next couple weeks, i have herd its an awesome place to ride, anyone rode there and have any tips where is best to ride. Even better anyone fancy going???
  12. have a complete bike to break down and would like to sell on here, need votes to be able to post them, please help
  13. I was really looking forward to the slate 3 hitting the streets, i cant help but feel a little cheated by the decals though, not digging them what so ever, what do you think??? worth buying one still. Need votes to become member too please help.
  14. well if all goes to plan could be moving to ffestinog or porthmadog, that would be cool to meet up will keep you posted, cheers scott