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  1. hiya mate you dont no me but carnt help noticing your from bradford and i live in huddersfield and was just wondering if want a ride sometime?

    and you got eny videos of your riding?


    just a little one of me :D

  2. This actually makes me feel sick. Do what danny said. Learn XHTML and CSS and then you'll have the privilage to be called a n00b. Now you're you're just retard.
  3. You what? MDMA is safer and more controllable than Pills.
  4. I wonder whether over 1200 grips have been bought or not, as to make it worth Tarty Bike's time or not..
  5. Some bike companies do offer them; Tartybikes are one of them. I think they're not done on all rims merely because some people don't want them, plus they can make the rim wall weaker and not lookas nice if it was bought to use a disk then it would look nicer anodized. Oh and it's a lot more effort for a company to do it, no doubt would need to be hand-done which makes the manufacturing process a lot more expensive.
  6. In the UK, It's not available handset only. In France it's €749 (info) and €999 in Germany (info) if you want it without a contract. At the moment, it's only available with an o2 contract in the UK, although I know quite a few customers who have read up on them and are going to 'Contact their lawyers' about it. Makes me laugh lol. Edit Oh and you can only buy one of the iPhone handsets Sim-Free in France or Germany etc if you are a citizen of that country with a valid passport, meaning that you can't go abroad to buy one either. I'm pretty sure the 2 iPhone limit and card payment only stands as well.
  7. Lol I love how you're over 40 and write 'too' as 'to'. Then continue to rip Mac's however they don't have too many versions, and have hardly any problems, and you don't need a high-spec to run properly..
  8. Just after some quick advice. What's the best kind of food to eat when I've got a fever, sore throat, splitting headache and absolutely no energy. This is the first time ive got out of bed in 48 hours and after having a girl bring me paracetamol and water last night, I haven't had anything to drink or eat either. I don't want to die but I'm a student so don't have parents to look after me and being ill actually gives me f**k all energy. Quick suggestions would be nice to stop me from dying. Thanks lots. Nick
  9. You what?
  10. Jesus Christ. Use a bit of nouse! http://www.google.co.uk/search?complete=1&...d++video+conver
  11. Why are you replying to an issue about the website not working 24 days after he said it? Pretty useless...no?
  12. Don't worry just means I'm clogging your thread up so I'll try say stuff briefly What's your verdict on the lens? I've seen it for £259 from OneStop Digital and have read pretty good reviews from a site called Photozone. Tempted to buy one. Cheapser than the 10.5 and a lot more versatile being 10-17mm. What's the quality like? It's got AF hasn't it, just no switch on the lens so you need to just use the one on your camera body - that correct? Any other info about it you think's worth considering? Thanks, Nick
  13. You can just screenshot or drag the images to your desktop to nick them, don't need to use a right click. I thought most people used the back button or backspace to go back? Meh.
  14. Hey, I tried PMing your but TF wasn't having any of it? Anyway, what camera and other equip you use adam? Really decent pics, I like all of them and the adjustments you've done from previous pics work really well. What fisheye and flash(es) you using? Triggers?
  15. New or second hand? Oh and this is in chit chat so I assume you're looking for advice rather than a Wanted ad?