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  1. Slight update. Rear V brake and shorter stem
  2. Get some Shimano Deore or XT levers, they're really nice feeling. I have Deores on my mod and on the rear of my Stock, I think they're more comfortable than the Avids
  3. Didn't realise how low my tyre pressure was so a little bit of a slam...
  4. I know this is something you find on something like instagram but I thought I might see if it would catch on here. So post you're most rememberable photos here
  5. Throw Back to 2 years ago
  6. It's unlisted on youtube so anyone with the link can see it which at the moment is anyone on here. If it gets taken down then it gets taken down, i'm sure Chris will solve what ever issues he's facing and he'll be uploading it either the same or slightly different soon Doubt it would be music issues because it's been taken off Vimeo and they don't tend to care as much as youtube unless the rules have changed
  7. I downloaded it of vimeo so I could watch it at work as it wasnt on youtube at the time (cant access vimeo on the works laptop) so for those who didn't get to see it
  8. I seem to fail more on a mod than I do on stock just need to ride both more. Pretty pleased with the first clip though as its the highest side hop i've done on a mod but more improvements needed
  9. Really need to get out and ride more. Glad to still be able to push myself even though i'm not riding much but improvements still need to be made.
  10. Hi i got a Racing line from Trials addict and I've had nothing but issues. First I changed the lever blade to the new Trialtech blade but when i was doing that the piston shot out when i removed the blade. I then rebleeded the lever and fluid then shot out the lever. I then got a replacement piston from trials addict gave it a fresh bleed but now the brake is spongy as anything. I bleed it through a few times just to be sure there where no air bubbles but I have the TPA just over half way out, pads are pretty much millimeters away from the rim, im running a booster and it still pulls to bar with no stiffness to the brake what so ever. Anyone have any ideas on what to do?
  11. Heatsink Yellows work well with and without a grind giving a fairly decent bite. ADM's work best as a front brake in my opinion as i've tried them rear and they work well for the first 1mm or 2 of the pad. LGM's are one of my favourite pads. great hold, doesn't kill a grind too quick great front or rear. Cousts are amazing but kill grinds too quick so if you dont mind grinding your rim a lot then they're highly recommended but Heatsink Yellows and LGM's do the job perfectly
  12. I originally had one of these pistons which was the one which let fluid pass it. I then got sent one of these with grease. First bled with water as I had no idea at the time that it was a water based fluid I was sent. I then cleaned out the system and bled it a few times with Magura Royal Blood which I did use a lot just to ensure the water based fluid and air passed out flushing the system completely but still no success and still feels like when I first got it.
  13. I didn't do the original I believe the guys at trials addict done that. When I got it I could pull it to bar and then fluid gushed out the lever... I've put my v brake back on the rear and sent the brake back
  14. Don't think it's a dodgy bleed as I've given it a few bleeds ensuring there were no air bubbles. I've stripped he brake cleaned it out ensuring most of the water was wiped from the system then bled it through a few times. The original piston was rubbish as I pulled the lever and fluid gushed out the lever body just never seem to have much luck with brakes... The only brakes that have worked were my v brakes...
  15. Cheers for the help. I'm going to send it back and see what they say
  16. PTFE Tape was one of the ideas I had but of course I have to be careful with it because I don't want to get it into the system. I'm sending the brake back to Trials Addict but I think I may just get my money back, get some magura slaves and get another tocco lever as i've had no issues with it. I've had a lot of hassle unfortunately with Trials Addict but I'm hoping I can get the issues resolved
  17. I greased up the piston and the release seemed fine and i've checked the slaves aswell but see no issue. I've had to rebleed 3 of my brakes Tensile Tocco, Echo & the racing line because when I ordered the brake I asked for fluid as I wasnt happy with the factory bleed on the Echo SL which I got sent their "own mix" which at the time I thought was going to be mineral oil as my first assumption brake fluid, oil, but i was actually sent water... I've re bleeded all 3 brakes with Royal Blood 2-3 times to get rid of the water but so far the Tocco has been the only successful one, really stiff and a great bite from the brake but the Echo and the Racingline are both spongy (Echo only had a bleed off the bike so could do with another bleed just to double check)
  18. Don Diablo music video featuring Rick Koekoek
  19. I've tried it in the past as an experiment to see how well it holds which at the time i had cheap calipers and onza magura to v pad adaptors. I saw some fairly good videos with people using them and at the time i kept having a lot of issues with my brakes. I thought as I was working i may try it again but with a better set up which it worked just as well as some of my past past maguras. The only down fall was the lack of rear booster which was needed. But now back to dual hydro
  20. Another update
  21. Seem to be making a lot of clips recently so i've decided to make an edit with them. Riding seems to be improving especially with the little time I get to do it now so quite pleased with that
  22. Cheers kinda wish I put music to it now and unfortunately my riding has become worse after making this video
  23. So there was a topic of best looking 24" street trials bike so lets see peoples favourite 26" builds. I'm currently loving how my bike is as its the nicest build i've ever done
  24. Already made one of these