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  1. Finally back to dual hydraulics but it's still annoying after all this time my front Tensile Tocco still feels the better brake even after getting a new Racing Line...

  2. So I've been asked to do a show in August but i'm unsure on what to get to ride on. I know pallets are an obvious choice but honestly don't know what else

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    2. Culshaw95


      Had some bad times with rails but I'll see if I can acquire it. I don't know whether they will be supplying it or I have to myself. I've not been told a whole lot about it all just a date

    3. TOMTRIALS123


      Get a double-decker bus!

    4. Culshaw95


      I apparently have a tight space... but it seems to take the guy arranging it a while to respond to me...

  3. Didn't realise how far back i had my bars. Tilted them forward now everything feels tiny and easier...