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  1. Cleaning cars is so 2008, cleaned the badge and plasti dipped. Non permanent so bovvered
  2. I'll come to watch for sure but might participate
  3. I just used to take it easy for few miles then drive normally. Then when I fitted my AP's I was advised by them to follow there procedure (just building up stops gradually) Because it acts as an on Car heat treatment. Worked a treat until I forgot one night but think I got away with it... Admittedly that is for two piece discs so for a oner you'll be fine
  4. Meh I'm not a wheel man I'm an engines man. If PS3 are anything like PS2, then worth a go. I have ps2's on the front of the audi and they're mega! I've had avons but generally the tyre sidewall seemed by soft to me always Toyo were just plane crap in the rain!
  5. Had a typo in my post, the bolts aren't designed to take the the loading they are just a clamp
  6. Massively, the bolts are simply to calm not take the torque of braking. It won't be pretty when a bolt sheers off...
  7. When I said soft I meant makes a hell of alpt of dust! It's the wiping I don't want to bother with, multi spoke fail. Anyone got experience of wheel cleaning brushes?
  8. Wheel cleaning... Talk to me goose. Car currently has THE softest pads on in the world. I am pretty sure they are DS2500... The result is after a couple of days of light use the wheels need a clean! Changing to AP discs and Pagid RS4-2 pads shortly but what's peoples generally recommendations for wheel cleaning? I currently basically have to take the wheels off and use wonder wheels to looses the grime and a sponge and water to wipe it all off. FAFF
  9. I am watching this without sound, and that looks fast
  10. Haha I've had my share of French tat...
  11. Not been on here for a while so thought I'd post my new car
  12. Dave's degree is actually in rocket science, and he knows his shit
  13. Jeez you're brave standing close to that nick
  14. The focus still gets rocked from time to time, those curbs won't get mounted in the Merc!
  15. Nah I'm full Dan ko spec now