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  1. Found a white industries freewheel in tool box and wondering if there's a way of testing it works fine without putting it on bike? Thanks
  2. Has anyone used an avid cable disk on the rear for a 26inch? 203mm rotor. Currently using an old hope trial and it's shat :/ just wondering if it's worth spending the money on that or going for a proper job like Shimano?
  3. Silly question....can you run 26"forks on a 24? Or does it have to be 24" Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Pmed about the inspired

  5. Nothing wrong with them man! Rode one for a few years back in the day thanks to chris and rob doney!! There pretty rad frames, besides the rev got me through many british rounds! (meaning you can do natural as well on it) so bit more than not good for much.
  6. Nice one! Fancy giving brakeless a bash, looks fun!