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  1. im gonna be running my inspired fouplay brakeless soon, and want a much more streety, bmx like feel to it, im gonna start by getting rid of my trialtech sport stem, what stems should i look at to shorten but keep hight cheers
  2. sweet cheers for the reply dude, ive managed to get a really good deal, frame has little use and no cracks, wants 50 quid for it
  3. thinking about buying a zhi zm3 mod frame as ive seen one going cheap, i think it will make a nice project for me to build up. anyone had any experiance with these cheers
  4. its lush, i love it, just want to tweek it abit
  5. Ok cheers
  6. I want to make my inspired fourplay more of a trials bike than a street trials bike, what should be the first things I do
  7. so who else on the froum rides unicycle trials, im starting to to it on the side of trials on my inspired. any tips would be greatfully recieved
  8. im local to portsmouth, near emsworth
  9. rockman greens work really well
  10. inspired fourplay team, in black
  11. im wanting to replace the lever on my old school magura, was wondering if there are any other levers that fit them ??
  12. cool ill check them out cheers mate
  13. was thinking about getting some bmx pegs for my fourplay to do some grinds and stalls, has anyone tried it, and would it work with hope pro 2 hubs ?? steve
  14. does anyone know of any trials competitions near the portsmout-chichester area ? cheers
  15. im tinking of getting a new helmet, what do you guys prefer, im thinking giro xen