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  1. Big ballsy riding, with the skill set to match. You have a completely unique style You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, even though the 100th video isn’t exactly as you had planned, it’s an awesome watch none the less. I have been following your videos for years, although raw, there is always something fresh. I never find them dull or predictable like the majority of videos nowadays and they always leave me wanting to rewatch.
  2. Nice, is that 135 rear drop outs? Where did you buy the frame?
  3. Been having problems with bleeding my hope tech trial brake, I've followed the official guide but am still experiencing a slightly spongey lever feel. Does anybody know about the "quick bleed port"?I cant find any info on it or methods of how to use it. Any help would be much appricated
  4. Hi mate, Ive got a Onza Blade 2010 full build for sale. VGC perfect bike for a beginner. Lookiing for around £300 Check my forsale thread for more info and pics. cheers