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  1. You should get in touch with Rick Koekoek
  2. As I know it, there are still a few riders that are going to be going there on the weekend (including me). Should be a good time!
  3. September 15-16th, Radical Bikes link to tartybikes
  4. Pretty sure he's also still the most shredded trials rider at 36.
  5. No offence taken! I actually really wanted to edit the footage properly too, but it was really difficult due to the mix in quality of the footage + lack of footage for certain parks. The footage was also really old and we've all improved a lot since then so it was hard to get enough motivation to try and edit through all the obstacles. I figured this time I'll just get it out in a raw edit and not make the same mistake of waiting too long again Thanks for watching though!
  6. Jeff Anderson, Ross Winsor and I went to Europe last year to ride in the UCI Albertville Trials World Cup and UCI Trials World Championships. Along the way, we also visited a bunch of trials parks in France and Italy! The footage is actually almost a year old now (I seriously tried to make a legit edit of this trip at least 3 times), but in the end gave up and settled on making this raw footage release. I hope it's still a pleasure to watch given all of the above!
  7. Get them from MEC. Loving my Danny Mac five tens, going to buy another pair when I'm done with these (I got them when they just came out). Just because it says "stealth" it doesn't mean that the rubber is the same. You can check out all the five ten compounds here: Its basically the same crap where continental doesn't distinguish between their different blends of black chili... Davos is the worst sole ever (I have no idea how they were so popular in the early 2000s) I had some vibram ribos and liked them, then had them resoled twice with five ten rubber. The uppers lasted me a while!
  8. The high rise jitsie carbons are pretty flexy... I wouldn't get them unless you're really light. A local rider has the Clean carbon too, and they feel great (I'm on the bovine breath bars though, so I'm used to the low backsweep).
  9. He's talking about the British Pound £ vs you talking about the pound sign #
  10. Always cool to have another local rider! You should come out and join the rest of us sometime.
  11. The problem with that one is that you have to take the cranks off to tighten the lock ring if it ever comes loose. I have this tool: Only cost me like $14, works flawlessly and comes with the crank bolt tool too.
  12. Just curious, does the new Arcade frame clear the Hope/Inspired bashring combo now?
  13. For the 2005 HS33, you just have to pre-emptively cut off the panels and they last a lot longer. They seem to still be the most leak-proof/reliable lever there is. I personally have high hopes for the trialtech levers, but I'm not going to go and recommend something that hasn't even come out yet. Other new unreleased levers to keep in mind: Jitsie, Clean, Hope (I'm assuming these will be reliable too, judging by brand alone)
  14. honestly had a good laugh from that one. massive riding from everyone!
  15. Yeah, any given week there are 3-4 group rides going on. Make a post in the Facebook pages Felix mentioned above