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  1. Hey Albert, hope all is well in the great white north! I got one of those carbon forks for my TMS and I love that fork. I think I'm gonna get the 9mm through axle version for my street bike and give it a try. At the moment I have 2 pure bikes and no street bikes; what's the world coming to!?!




    1. aliao


      Hey man! Great to hear from you :D

      Super happy that you love the fork! They are my favorite forks on my 26”, and I was stoked to find out they were bringing a 400mm disc model to market.

      Hope you and the family are doing well!! After all this pandemic craziness is over, I’d love to come back down to ride again.

      That tms looks awesome and is probably crazy light with those rims! Gonna have to show my friend because he is crazy about 26” disc haha


    2. Swoofty


      The frame is a bit nuts. It's 116 in the rear and not all disc hubs seem to line up correctly. Right now mine's more like 120mm so the disc doesn't rub and the wheel has a 'custom' dish so it's centers correctly. And the brake mount needed A LOT of facing to make it square. Now that it's all together and working, it is a very fun bike, but it's no lighter than my Ozonys V8 pure, just silent!

  2. I’ve been riding 26” again for around 8 months now so this info may be a bit old, but the Vee Flow Snap is the best 24” rear pogo tire that I’ve tried so far (the other tires were the Maxxis 2.5 DHF and Schwalbe Hans Dampf). Pros: - thick sidewalls, the least squirmy 24 tire ive tried - really soft slow rebound compound - good puncture resistance (i only had one puncture on a sharp rock when i was riding it) Cons: - The top profile is very square and mostly made of knobs. It felt kind of weird for me until I cut all the side knobs off to make it round again. - The tire doesnt have much bounce due to its smaller carcass Overall, if the tire had a bigger carcass to liven it up a bit, the tire would be perfect for me. It’s bigger than the maxxis dhf 2.5, but smaller than the schwalbe hans dampf (which would be around my preferred size). p.s. Norco bikes (one of the larger distributors here) carries them in Canada, so it’s actually pretty easy to get a hold of here. If you guys are curious to try one at tarty, just let me know
  3. A Scorpio is likely not as much as you think... I’d encourage you to reach out to them and get a quote!
  4. You can get a custom Scorpio like mine and get whatever you want
  5. they will! send them an email =D
  6. i have the carbon through axle disc 26” and its just as nice as the hs33 one. the only thing i dont like is how you need an adaptor to run a 180mm rotor (it has a 160mm disc mount). the vertical version is your standard 9mm vertical dropout for bolt on hubs. i imagine it looks the same as the hs33 version they made a while back 9mm front through axles were pretty common on mtb a while ago, you could (and probably still can) get adaptors for hubs like hope and i9.
  7. Just gonna leave this here
  8. really shitty to hear about the injury! the street bike must have known you were hanging it up the build looks good!
  9. 05/06 zoo python that’s been sprayed is my guess
  10. loved the video! hope we get to ride again soon im curious as to what the new bike is as i saw your rim brake post the other day
  11. If you're looking for an arcade-like geo with a slightly shorter reach, I've been thinking of selling my ti dean lately
  12. Glad to see you're back at it!! Some seriously mint clips in this one
  13. Would be cool if someone made these out of steel, but frames really need to start just doing post mount considering you can’t really get ISO calipers anymore
  14. I'm planning to build up an old dual disc ozonys curve 24 soon. I have a 26" crewkerz that I love, but I've been wanting to try out a smaller more playful pure trials bike that I can bunnyhop and throw around a bit more easily. I would have jumped on one of the 2019 GU frames, but I can't get over how a 1075 wheelbase just seems sort of wrong for this wheel size. The Jitsie hybrid 24" looks interesting, but I want a higher bb, and there's just so many things that I really wish they would update about their designs (standard headtube, ISIS bb, 116mm dropouts, 160mm disc mounts? LOL). For rear tires, the Vee Flow Snap 24" seems interesting to me (it comes in a super low duro too):
  15. Awesome to see a rider taking the plunge to try one out! Let us know how it goes. Edit: Do you have any intention of opening it and taking out the grease? It looks like I9 uses grease now instead of oil like they used to on the Torch hubs. A friend of mine has an I9 Torch Classic and his skipped every now and then until he cleaned it out. "The pawl mechanism of our Hydra, Torch Road, and 101 hubs has a distinctive sound. It has the sound of nothing more than the highest-quality sprung pawl system. Most riders report that the noise is inaudible over the wind at higher speeds. It is loud enough to be heard, yet not so loud as to detract from the experience you are trying to enjoy. Our stock FH lubricant is Dumond Tech Pro-X Freehub Grease. For riders who enjoy a louder hub experience, simply wipe down your drive ring, apply Dumond Tech FH oil and you will notice an audible difference."