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  1. Am i being blind? I can't seem to find any of his old videos online. And the ones on youtube, i keep just getting an error has occurred. Does anyone know another source? Thanks
  2. Kudos for the up to front, then drop back onto curb on back then up to front with gaps.. Really liked that!
  3. Basically a collective of me and my b/f's footage from last year, also threw some trail riding on the end of the video. Enjoy
  4. Does anyone on here have some trail forks lying they'd swap for a mod & spare frame? Worth an ask :P

  5. My favoured tactic for moving the scooter kids is, when they snake me go anyway like they did and get as close as possible to hitting them. After that they tend to avoid you.. And that really is a last stand tactic. In my opinion it all comes back to children not being brought up properly and their parents having no respect, therefore the children grow up being worse than the adults. 80% of the worlds population is full of self involved arseholes who have no care or forethought for people around them. I could compare the way a skatepark works these days to so many other things and produce the same conclusion, motorways for instance, "oh ill be over taking another truck in a mile so i might as well sit in the middle lane. I'm going at 55mph" Not having any thought for the person sat in the inside lane going at 70mph that will have to pull all the way out to get round them.. Food shopping in your local store.. "owhh an offer i don't want but its on offer! I'll just stop dead to gawp at it!" Also "This super wide path with share with care written all over it, that must mean we need to walk side by side and not let anything else use this path" These situations all involve adults and if these people could wake up and learn to think of others then their off spawn may also be capable of this. Until then i see no improvement for skateparks that are unmonitored. Rampworx in Liverpool has it right! Anyone found not following their etiquette will be ejected… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwXRhszZ_Rs&list=UU0-A_GCv_au4GYEQ5fQWIfg <-- skatepark etiquette video www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwXRhszZ_Rs&list=UU0-A_GCv_au4GYEQ5fQWIfg Embeding never works for me
  6. Hiya guys i don't really ask much of you lot but i need your help! I'm in 3rd place on this competition with 104 votes. The competition I've entered is to win a bmx. Via Skates.co.uk and www.ilovegirlriders.com This may annoy a few members but I'm doing it anyway! Vote whoring may win yet Voting closes on weds! https://www.facebook.com/ILoveGirlRiders/photos/a.838190522859062.1073741843.190643294280458/838192132858901/?type=1&comment_id=839217609423020&offset=0&total_comments=2&notif_t=photo_comment_tagged All i ask is you click the link and like the picture. That counts as a vote for me. Thanks in advance guys!
  7. I can't think how to say this in a forum full of guys that will instantly take it the wrong way! A small amount of cheese is acceptable, as romance in general if you look at it is cheesy. HIPPY: I know loads of people who have really good and strong relationships that met via dating sites, whats to loose by trying?
  8. 1 Don't envolve friends, we're not in the school playground 2 didn't read all the daft answers people have put, just gave you my answer to your first post. 3 if she's with friends leave drink behind bar or get the bar person to go give it to her, you'll need to tip the bar man. But again the confidence part goes out the window
  9. I said ditch the cheesy lines lol Its all good an well having valentine as a name, but personally would respect you more for not using it as that "cheesy line". Once your chatting names come up in convo and finding out thats a surname or whatever will be a lot better if it only came up in convo. If that makes any sense. How do you mean "might try trial" and why do you need to go to the library if you've seen her at the pub? And is she with a group of friends or drinking alone? I don't see how knowing where you stand could go wrong, and its only awkward if your unconfident about doing it. Example "hey, my names blah blah. Can i grab you a drink while I'm up?" portrays confidence and decisiveness. Two attractive things about a guy in my opinion. "erm, hi, erm want a drink?" makes you think do one straight away leaving you feeling awkward. It was probably going fine until that moment I don't think we've been bowing since the 1800's
  10. Ditch any cheesy pick up lines. Keep it simple and either buy her a drink over the bar and ask barman/barmaid to say it was you and wave as she gets it. Then pop over and say hi and ask her name and ask if she minds you joining her. Or be blatant and go over and ask her if she'd like a drink… Keep eye contact at all times and be yourself… This way you find out where you stand quickly instead of wasting time when she has a b/f or aint interested.
  11. For those larger files that your e-mail inbox won't let you send use this: www.wetransfer.com
  12. I really enjoyed that.
  13. Set at 140 yeah they are a little high, luckily they are adjustable between 100 & 140 i think. My trail bike is the same though geo is for 100mm travel forks and i have RS Tora's set at 140 and its great, a little back wheel happy at times, but ride smooth and it loves it.
  14. In progress at the moment, just waiting for the wheels to be built and it needs cables & chain and its running. Really happy with it so far for a lightweight XC bike, and its only set me back 30 quid at this point. 2010 boardman comp fi frame, raceface ride xc cranks, magura mt140am forks (weigh nothing ) slx mechs and shifters, spoon saddle, hayes brakes (needs upgrading i think), charge spoon saddle, comancial bars and a bike hut stem ( race face ride xc stem needed i think to match the cranks.) specialised hubs on dt swiss xc rims. I'll grab some pics of my steel hard tail trail bike later thats deffo been pimped now
  15. If it gives me the power to turn the forum pink for everyone i'll do it Joking by the way i'd be the worst moderator ever.