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  1. Here's a link to the blog post on their website about the build. of course they title it a "trails bike" but it's there. Honestly, while I don't think I'd want one to be my main bike. I think building one could be super fun. Although I'd be more likely to build an all mountain hardtail than a trials bike.
  2. Yeah. I initially got pictures of a tacked up frame in may, no response for a few months after. 26. Lol, it's a bit of a ridiculous design.
  3. Good luck. I paid my deposit on Feb 3. Have yet to get a shipping number. Frame looks fun
  4. Anyone have any decent solutions / bodges for this? I got some new plastic backed pads (cousts, but the backings are all the same). They're pretty loose on the piston, and don't retract with the piston, just kinda sit there. Makes well adjusted brakes feel like crap since they always rub a touch. Piston nipple isn't cracked or anything. What do you all do to improve this? I'm about to cut the pads off and jb weld them to some echo cnc backings, but that seems overkill.
  5. Thanks for doing this.
  6. It was pretty doable on old school bikes with a regular hanger and a cassette hub. I used to have a setup with a road derailleur on my old zebdi that was pretty easy to switch gears between for longer stretches. might be a lot more difficult on a fourplay and would lose a lot of the advantages of modern tensioning systems. adding a gear on the rear would mean switching out the hub and you'd have trouble having both gears align with the in built tensioner. adding a gear on the front would most likely make clearance issues on the chainstay. I think it's possible with a cassette hub, to add a 2nd lower gear in the rear, you'd have to readjust the tensioner every time to make it work. Would probably be a pain to make work well and take some time to switch between. IMO not worth it.
  7. I don't think Ozonys used an integrated tensioner system until the V4. The V2 used snail cams. What the random hole / fitting in the chainstay is for is beyond me though.
  8. Crewkerz / waw makes a tapered one.
  9. Anyone have a good solution for a M6 booster for the echo / gu frames with M6 brake mounts? All in all I really like the M6 setup. While m5 has always worked on my other bikes, I do like the extra stiffness and durability. But, I'm wanting to put a booster on. Drilling out a booster and getting longer bolts is fairly straightforward. But anyone have a good solution for spacers? Last time I had a gu frame with this setup I just had a giant stack of spacers, which was kinda clumsy.
  10. Dude, this bike looks so amazing! For anyone who has seen Robbie ride, this bike is perfect, he's got a really smooth old / mid school style, and is also pretty tall. Can't wait to see it in action!!
  11. Yeah, the MTB industry is very different than road, which has big organized teams. It's important to understand the difference between being a sponsored rider and a part of an actual time like in road. While many MTB sponsors may use the phrase "team", they're really not as their riders are not employed but rather promote their product for a certain level of perks (with a few exceptions of course). So in the MTB industry, you couldn't even enforce a minimum wage, because there is no one responsible. Industry wide it means that MTB racing, even at a high level is much more accessible to privateers and such. You can't make it to the podium in road without a team. But a good rider with a good bike can do well in mtb riding, even if you have to foot the bill. This isn't just a financial situation, but is reflected by the crazy team strategies needed in road, in road even the best rider in the world can't make it to the podium without a team. Switching to high level salary, contracted teams like road would be good for a few high end riders, but I don't think the industry would really be able to financially support it.
  12. Snail cams seem to work for people under like 185 lbs. Heavier people universally hate them. (Or at least I do) I've sold frames I loved the geo on just to get something without snail cams.
  13. That's just awesome!
  14. You can still get 36 hole alex DX32's. It's not quite as side as modern rims, but they're strong and work nice
  15. Remember the plazmatic rim coatings? Ha, that article is an awesome read I always wanted to grind a rim and then have it re-annodized. Since the anodize is so hard it should make it last a lot longer, but I don't think it's thick enough to round to edges significantly. Any engineery thoughts?