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  1. My ankle will never be 100% again. it won't be even close in 2019. I will need to be careful with it. Just the way it is. I'll be wearing a brace for a while just to be safe. Strengthening and PT happen off the bike. I'm making as rapid progress as I can without damaging it, but at this point just need to start riding
  2. Has anyone used these for trials? Just curious if the sole was sticky enough for trials. Some of the reviews I read said is wasn't as soft as some of the other "stealth" compounds. After injuring my ankle I want to wear some sort of high top all the time and this is the only one I can really find. I'm not a super big fan of the Five Ten's anymore.
  3. In April I snapped my Achilles riding and had surgery a few weeks later. (weird freak accident on my bike) I spent 2 1/2 months with my left leg completely immobile below the knee. (see atrophy) Today was my first ride since surgery. My riding was horrendous, but my ankle didn't hurt. I'm super pumped, had to share somewhere. I was crazy nervous before my ride.
  4. No one really uses them anymore. I doesn't seem people are catching crossovers like they used to.
  5. Hey there! You'd think high tops give substantially more support, but in reality it's fairly marginal. I've been using the Five Ten Line King's for awhile, no complaints. If you're really looking to prevent injury or support a bad ankle you might want to look into braces / wraps / tape etc. Ironically if I was wearing my Line Kings instead of my other shoes in April I might've not busted my achilles simply because the spot that got hit would've been more covered.
  6. Considering I paid less for my custom Marino frames than I would for any other new frame, and the quality was spot on, it was worth the wait for me. I always wanted to try different geos and do something custom, but typically the price is astronomical. That being said, I think it would help if he updated his website to reflect the actual time frame.
  7. Some days I just throw in the towel and go home. There are those days where nothing seems to work and I'm just gonna get hurt. But some things that help me out are riding with a friend if possible, really taking the time to stretch and warm up and doing anything else that typically gets met out of a funk like music, burning an effigy of the toxic people in your life, stopping at my favorite coffee shop on the way to the ride and such. I have a few places I ride, and when I'm feeling crappy I go to the most relaxing place, somewhere where I won't be dodging security and such. If it's going on every ride for months, might be worth talking to someone about depression or anxiety. It happens.
  8. Conceptually it makes a ton of sense! Let's see how it works. Like so many other MTB concepts, even if it works better and is genius, it'll take a fairly large portion of the market to adapt the tech for it to stick more than a year or so.
  9. Being as tall as you are the Hex might feel more comfortable.
  10. Depends on how much you're paying for it. Looks like a decent build and would be a good first bike. Check the frame good for cracks.
  11. The because frames are pretty decent for the price. Czar and inspired are good.
  12. Stay away from Zhi. It might be better to look for a used bike or just shop around more. Decent priced and decent quality entry level bikes are available from Czar, Echo, Because, Neon, and even Inspired. (see the Inspired flow / flow +). (Note: if buying a because / neon be super careful on how they are spec'd, as some of the builds are horribly cheap and others really nice) Zhi is a load of garbage. The reason you can't find them anywhere buy sketchy places, is because they are horrible quality with horrible business practices. (Please note: there are some very legit shops and dealers out of China, simply being from China doesn't make something bad, but Zhi is bad). When I had my online shop I made the mistake of trying to go with Zhi. After sending them a fairly large amount of money I never heard back from them for about 6 months. Finally was able to get the direct number for the factory they contract to make their piece of crap items, and paid a local Chinese immigrant to call and yell at them. They had no plans of sending me anything, but also didn't think I'd be able to find them. When I finally received my order about 25% of the frames were so badly made I couldn't even sell them. Poor quality metal, poor workmanship. Things welded in the wrong place, headtubes machined incorrectly so headsets can't even go in. Etc. I may sound harsh. But there are quite a few better options. Support one of them.
  13. If you feel like the bike your on isn't letting you achieve 110% you should try making a ridiculously expensive exact replica of it out of carbon fiber and have it weigh almost the exact same. But really any jack of all trades bike won't do anything quite 100% and any bike made for just one purpose won't do the others well. You might get deceived into thinking otherwise by watching Ali, Danny, and others (Marco hoesel, joachim, tra, anyone from Canada etc.) but for us mere mortals it's not possible. Have you tried streety angle arcade bars on a more neutral pure bike? Also. I am selling the twin to ross's Marino.
  14. I successfully went tubeless on my 26" pure for a bit. I need to set it up again on my new ride.
  15. Is it sprung? What's with all the little holes?