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  1. It seems like they're doing a decent amount of testing. There have been issues with the tests in the USA. First not working well, and also not being in great supply. But outside of major cities things aren't really too bad here. Here the problem isn't really low income families, or at least really low income, as they qualify for Medicaid. Even if you don't you should be able to get healthcare through the affordable healthcare act. The problem is for mid and high income self employed people who don't have health insurance provided by an employer and don't qualify for one of the government subsidized options. They can get screwed, (with or without covid-19). (This all being way more than I Normally talk about American politics) That being said, is be surprised if Congress didn't pass something to pay for the cost of treatment of covid-19 specifically.
  2. Sitting at home in USA. Kids are home from school all day, which isn't horrible since they're pretty well behaved. But my wife's still recovering from surgery and doesn't have a tone of energy. Here in North Carolina we're at the social distance, no groups of more than 10. But I think we'll be in a "shelter in place" by the end of the week, so I've been trying to get out on the bike before I'm not allowed to. Some of the riding spots I go to are closed to the public. Sadly I've lost the majority of my income to this, and am scrambling to get things together to start teaching english to elementary kids online. Things still look way worse in the UK than here, comparison wise North Carolina is 1/6 the pop of UK, but just has around 400 cases with 0 deaths so far.
  3. I always loved the look of that frame, especially the colors of the Bianchi version.
  4. Hey all, how long do you think you can use / store rim brake pads before they get too hard from age? Just curious. I've got some pads in my bin from years ago and even the cousts I use have lasted me a few years. What do you think?
  5. This or a DX32 seems a good route.
  6. More than echo... Hadn't heard of them breaking, but maybe I'm not in the loop?
  7. I think it's worth taking the time to do. I preferred side hopping to my bad side for over ten years before I really learned to sidehop to my rear foot side. Took some time before it felt natural, now it feels way better and I can sidehop a bit higher that way. As with many things, comparing oneself to someone as talented as Neil isn't really fair. He's not human.
  8. It could be ok. But that's a lot of money to gamble on the made in China carbon bike parts game.
  9. It's the same wall, just a different camera angle. Doesn't appear stretched at all. On a different note. Some of the spills in the out takes are pretty crazy. To hit the ground that hard so many times without a major injury is talent or madness. The "storyline" on this one does seems a bit lazier. The riding is ridiculous. I know it's not as polished as Ali or Danny, but who else is?!
  10. If you wanted one, Brian from NWtrials has one left, disc, 26", straight 1-1/8". Part of his closing shop closeout.
  11. But would you trust it? hashtagg would trust, but the 26" disc version is hard to find.
  12. It seems like this was a phase that has died. Anybody still rocking 24" pure?
  13. I've always used front disc on my pure, this is one of the main reasons why.
  14. That was fun to watch. You look like you're having a blast!
  15. That looks AMAZING! I loved my Manifesto!
  16. You're riding always has so much tech I can watch a video a few times and keep on noticing little things. Bad foot sidehop at 1:34?
  17. You've got an awesome style! Makes me want to get out and ride.
  18. Anyone tried the new veetire synthesis? I'm too puncture prone for the other veetire's, but this one seems to have a sidewall insert?
  19. Got two of these. Still going strong! Still wouldn't change a thing
  20. Recently I got my Marino 26" frames back. (I have two identical frames, one in blue and one in red). The blue one is the fun build, so here it is. I'll update this thread as I make some changes to it. Geo is 1060, +80, 377, with a 73 degree headtube. Reach is 680. Either you think I'm crazy and the geo is just dumb, or you look at the numbers and think "hey, that sounds like a lot of fun." The long reach allowed me to go with a 130mm stem right off the bat and felt good. The goal is to have something that is more flickable and fun than normal modern pure bikes that still feels decent on rear wheel moves. The shorter wheelbase and slightly shorter chainstay make this manual nicely (not that I know how). I've got to work up some confidence on bigger rolling bunnyhops, but it should be nice. With the super high BB it still does rear moves and sidehops decently with the bars rolled back into a less visually oppressive angle. I liked the idea of MTB cranks and a hope hub on a pure bike. It took a bit more modification / grinding than I would've liked to get the cranks to work. Having the rim brake slave cylinders made the clearance super difficult and I had to sand the pads down to almost nothing and take about 1mm off the back of the drive side crank. At some point when I have some more funds, I may try a boost crank made for a 83mm bb. But so far this setup is AMAZING! It feels so stiff. Front Magura MT7 and rear Trialtech are a super nice combo. The Magura is working like crap since I moved it over, the disc mount must be at a slightly different angle or something. So far the rear trialtech Carthy rim is pretty nice! I love not seeing cutouts and it feels super stiff. The coust pads on it are a amazing. The rear heatsink tensioner is a bit sloppy looking. Originally Marino said he'd be able to fabricate a crewkerz style mount, but then wasn't able to figure it out in the end. Maybe at some point I'll weld one on myself (bonus of steel). Due to the gear ratio on this, there is just a lot of slack to take up. Maybe using a half link would help. I can put a hanger on it and just go with an old school two wheel tensioner too. At some point I will go rear tubeless on this bike. But right not it is fairly cold and my tires just feel like crap no matter what so I'm not stressing it. Tire clearance is a bit of an issue, I had to trim a couple center knobs a mm or two to get it to stop rubbing. The Inspired Arcade bars look incredible, but I am going to try my Crewkerz bars on my next ride. Between the 73 degree head angle and the streety bars, the front end felt so different it was hard to get used to.
  21. Yeah, those are the ones. Even here in the states it took some serious searching to find one. Depending on where you order it from might be worth paying for shipping from somewhere else. Outside of 2-3 countries including UK most trials riders are ordering most - all their parts international.
  22. Maxxis was making a proper rear 24" tire recently. Tacky compound, thick sidewalls, and pinch protection. I forget what is was off hand, but I bought one new in early 2017. Worked great. It was aimed at the Jr downhill market
  23. Seriously Jealous of that Ashton! Yeah, when I rode 24" pure awhile back it seemed great for static moves like gaps and sidehops. However I could never really figure out pedal ups, it seemed like neither 20" or 26" technique quite worked super well on it. Obviously some riders like Joe Maher didn't have the same problem.
  24. Good to hear, you always rocked 24"!!! You sold the echo?! Are you riding 26" now? Yeah, part of what prompted me to start the thread was checking out Tartybikes and seeing only the Gu and the Jitsie. At least here in the states it seems 24" pure was most popular with beginners, to whom the "best of both" worlds idea was very inviting. I do feel like the Jitsie hybrid has a place, how many old school riders complain about the new bikes being too "xyz", but still can't get on with a completely street bike? It'll be interesting to see how it does.
  25. I thoroughly enjoyed that.