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  1. Hi guys, my new clips ! Thanks - to all people who supported me ! Enjoy watching!
  2. Yes, really geo is excellent! As in the frame of the "Сrewkerz Jealousy" . In live it looks better !))))
  3. Hello everybody.Here is my new bike fo this seasons !!! Very strong and comfortable) (1080mm/ 380mm /+65mm /72°)Weight- 8.755
  4. No no, this is track jersey))))
  5. Hello everybody.Here is my new video-clip for this season.I was filming for a couple of days in the autumn. The season was not bad)I made great headway!Your comments will be appreciated! Enjoy video!!!
  6. Hi guys! This is my new bike for training and competition!) Presents a new carbon brake boosters! The bike is very comfortable!!! Wheelbase: 1090mm Chainstay Length: 380mm BB Rise: 70mm Head Angle: 71 degrees Weight: 8.600kg!
  7. Guys dont worry. Bike is not built more for light weight, but for me - beautiful and stylish. Drilling in the frame - I dont think that something will happen soon. But time will tell.
  8. Thank you all for the comments. Interesting to read your comments about the bike. Holes in the frame - not see anything wrong! A broken frame or not shall see. About BB, cranks and steel Bolts and other details - this is not the end
  9. Hi guys) I'm from Ukraine, and now represent a new bike for training. Frame and Fork - Frame: Echo Pure 2011 - Fork: Bonz 2014 Wheels - Front hub: Echo - Rear hub: Zhi L - Front rim: Neon 26" - Rear rim: Try-All K2 - Spokes: - Front: Sapim Laser - Rear: Sapim Race - Inner tube: MAXXIS Ultralight 26X1.90/2.125 - Inner tube: MAXXIS Ultralight 26X1.90/2.125 - Front tyre: Try-All Shift 26 x 2.0" - Rear tyre: Try-All Stiky Lite 26 x 2.5" Brakes - Front brake: Magura HS33 2011 (Long lever blade) - Rear brake: Magura HS33 2011 (Long lever blade) - Brake clamps: Echo - Brake Pads: - Front: Michel Coustellier - Rear: Heatsink CNC Coustsink Drivetrain - Cranks: Try-All CNC ISIS, 175mm - Freewheel: Echo SL 09, 108.9, 18t - Chain: YABAN MK747 - Rear Sprocket: Zhi 15t - Pedals: Try-All Single Cage Elite 7075 - Bottom bracket: Echo Urban ISIS - Bashring: Viz, Black Steering - Headset: Echo SL - Stem: Try-All 3D Forged, 150mm x 30° - Grips: BBB - Handlebars: Try-All Carbon Weight - 8.50kg Geometry - Wheelbase: 1080mm - Chainstay: 380mm - BB Height: +55mm
  10. Hi guys:) A new video of my friend after injury:(
  11. This is his the last video [media=]
  12. Good! What is the name of the helmet?
  13. Fantastic bike
  14. Sorry