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  1. Are the drivers installed?
  2. Hehe
  3. Shit, I never knew earthquakes were a problem up north?!
  4. Good video, nice vibe.
  5. Ive got some quality plastic tyre levers im willing to part with, ill bring them along
  6. STOP!... Hammer time!
  7. Pompey ride on Saturday? If its dry ill try and make it, nah sold the hopes with the rest of the old 20" to my mate, so still in circulation lol.
  8. I got the Bonz rims, but my grind is probably only 4 or 5 rides old, so still pretty fresh, but either my technique or the rim isnt perfect as my cousts honk rather than chirp - lol.
  9. Sprained ankle, usualy when riding pallets :/
  10. Pair of pliers?
  11. Yeah, im not allowed to touch that or I would have a bunch of angry bmx'ers on my back, but we're allowed to use the rest of it. Got some pallets down there and loads of bits of wood & logs.
  12. On the whole thinking outside the box, I got this place im currently trying to turn into a trials park...
  13. 18 euros mate, just ordered mine. Its done by weight, so that was just front and back rims 3lbs it says. So if you order more i would expect to pay more.
  14. Cheers for that ^ Might have ordered the same rims as you