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  1. Hi mate is the Crewkerz jealousy frame still for sale ?

  2. Hey bud still interested in the frame ? 

  3. Bloodstock currently in my stable.... 1st time I've taken both bikes out at the same time. The kloud now has Crewkerz carbon forks, Crewkerz 145mm stem and Clean bars since the photo.
  4. Definitely been practicing!! A bit difference in your gaps and side hops from last year
  5. Dude seriously needs a helmet.
  6. Smooth riding dude.
  7. Warrantied or not, the price of a new bar is less significant than the pain of broken wrist/collar bone etc and the price of time off work to heal just for a 10% saving in carbon. The weave / manufacturing etc maybe be believed to have advanced to justify the weight /material loss, but totally not worth injuring customers. The try all bar has a long history of lasting surely they can learn from that construction.
  8. Thanks for replies. how about the hashtagg carbon handlebar? Released about the same time and 10% lighter than the previous try-all Karbon bar but with more aggressive bends and height which to me must equal a longer length of tube for less weight!!!!!
  9. Would like to know how well these are holding up for people? As many others have probably thought, they seem scary light but obviously Hashtagg are confident to justify asking the pricetag. Are they taking a battering or designed as comp rider one season accesories?
  10. Fair enough. The buying power of the pound when re-stocking sure has fallen. Keep up the good work and great service and look forward to the new site soon.
  11. they sure did. Pretty sure its been going for as long as Ive been riding, the last five years. Come on San'tart, dust off your suit. I'll sit on your knee if you give me some discount
  12. Bugger! Nothing on facebook either....I've been squirreling cash away in anticipation of some seasonal bargains. 1st time in a number of years they haven't done this .
  13. Doesn't the carbon actually hold the aluminium drop out in? Although that drop out piece will be bonded into a section of the fork leg, not just the tip, I'm not sure if cutting into it and the carbon skin surrounding it would be detrimental to the strength. I've never seen a crewkerz carbon fork, only online, so others might know better than me Just trying to opinions on this as I really wanna buy this fork
  14. please say it isn't true
  15. Thanks Adam. Don't really want to buy a new front Hub and rebuild the wheel , though the crewkerz fork is indeed a thing of beauty. What are hub options for this fork? Only crewkerz, hope , king or can others be modified? I've seen crewkerz aluminium forks for sale on here modified for normal hubs, though don't know in detail what was done as the drop out hole is already oversize. I doubt anyone would want to cut into the drop-out of a sexy new carbon blade but just looking at options.