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  1. Thanks v.much
  2. Anyone know or can measure the reach from centre of the crank bolt to centre of the top of the headtube right where it joins the upper headset piece ? Thanks
  3. How long do these wrapped frames last in general ? Mine is a carbon frame, Josh has given me some good advice. Wish those repair shops where they do undetectable carbon repairs weren't so expensive
  4. Anyone know how to contact Josh Leech ? I've tried messenger 5 days ago but no reply. I want to ask him about repair work I need doing. I Don't know what his forum name on here is.
  5. Thanks Joe.
  6. Any answer beyond 'none will be a suprise to be honest but I'm hopeful. Ross's response above is how I'd imagine it . So where have people taken a wash in years gone by and is there a steady stream of pizza hut mopeds buzzing between Chelmsford and the site to fuel the weekend ? With a farm that size there'd be an old bath in a field somewhere we could queue up for ?
  7. Last minute desicion to go to Radfest this weekend. What kind of facilities are there for showering , food etc?
  8. Have a look at the Phatworks frames under development. There is a thread on here somewhere about them. Some great all round geo options, very nice brake options, modern tapered headtubes with different b/b height options. Being developed by a well know UK rider/desginer whos been in the scene for decades. Phatworks on Facebook is the way to go.
  9. Hi mate is the Crewkerz jealousy frame still for sale ?

  10. Hey bud still interested in the frame ? 

  11. Bloodstock currently in my stable.... 1st time I've taken both bikes out at the same time. The kloud now has Crewkerz carbon forks, Crewkerz 145mm stem and Clean bars since the photo.
  12. Definitely been practicing!! A bit difference in your gaps and side hops from last year
  13. Dude seriously needs a helmet.
  14. Smooth riding dude.
  15. Warrantied or not, the price of a new bar is less significant than the pain of broken wrist/collar bone etc and the price of time off work to heal just for a 10% saving in carbon. The weave / manufacturing etc maybe be believed to have advanced to justify the weight /material loss, but totally not worth injuring customers. The try all bar has a long history of lasting surely they can learn from that construction.