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    Echo Lite 2013, Onza Stem, Inspired Skye High Rise bars, Trialtech foam grips, FSA Orbit Equipe headset, Trialtech reverse mount forks, Dual 04 Magura Raceline rim brakes with Racing line Alloy Piston, Rear Heatsink yellow CNC pads, Front coust pads, Black Echo TR washerless brake clamps on front and back, Echo Press Fit bb, Echo SL (old style) 170mm cranks, Trialtech 18t screw on front sprocket, Nukeproof Proton pedals, Black Echo Tr front rim built onto silver Viz hub, Black Echo Tr rear rim built onto a modified Hope pro 2 hub, Front maxxis creepy crawler slicked tyre and rear try-all sticky slicked tyre
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  1. yeah but mine is already cut down to mod spacing
  2. or buy the one i have? i know its 116mm spacing and not a 80t hub but it will fit in your frame, it will be a tight squeeze but it will fit
  3. yeah i have, its louder but i dont feel like id need more engagements than ive already got
  4. its not but i dont see the need in an 80t one, ive been running my standard one which isnt even an evo hub for well over 2 years and its been perfectly fine with plenty of engagements
  5. ive got a 116mm machined down rear hope if you're interested? i know its wider than your dropouts allow but ive had it fit in an onza ice frame with the same dropouts as yours before
  6. i agree with june, i get back from uni at the start of june
  7. As i have my own hope machined hub that Euan machined i think im possibly the best person to talk to. yes you can machine one down to fit a onza limey but you should only get it machined down to 116mm as then it will fit other frames if you decide to change. you can fit that into a 110mm spacing frame without losing the disc mount but it is a very tight squeeze and you do have to spread the frame out slightly as George blake had to do this on his onza ice. the hub also means you have to build the wheel really offset so that it fits in the middle of the frame. Euan Beaden can do the machining and everything for you but he charged me £50 and made me wait a good 6 weeks at least until it was done. Also he cut the lockring thread on the driveshell the wrong way so had to make anew lock ring to accomodate. obviously as it was cut the wrong way after a while it kept on coming loose. In my opinion he over charged me a lot for a shoddy job that took too long to complete and it cost me more to get the job done than it did to buy the hub in the first place. since then i have changed the hubshell to a black one which has disc mounts which my previous hubshell didnt have, i have also swapped my axle and driveshell with George Blake as he went to stock so had no need for his internal parts anymore. this has fixed the lockring problem but the wheel still doesnt sit straight in the frame but its something ive had to deal with. I'd say it is worth getting it done but only if it isn't f**ked up by the person doing it and if its at a low enough price. hope this helps
  8. tbf matt half of your bike was made up from parts george gave you like the entire back wheel and back brake so it's fair really
  9. Nobby nicks are shit cos the compound is too hard and doesn't have much grip, so I swapped to maxxis minions and they are awesome tyres
  10. I'm running 11-34 with 36t up front, it can be a bit hard on hills but for everything else its pretty good
  11. i know we aren't meant to post our own bikes but i seriously think mine is beautiful
  12. copy cat really dont see the need in ice tech rotors for a mod though, especially in 203mm, my brakes work insanely well with 180mm rt66 rotors and ive only had 3 rides on them
  13. reminds me of the old element but the matching colour forks makes it actually look good
  14. Updated! finally got round to buying new rims and better brakes, love how it looks and the brakes are insane even though they aren't properly bedded in. new rims are trialtech sport light rear and trialtech square hole front rim, shimano saint m810 disc brakes front and rear and shimano RT66 180mm rotors
  15. 7 hour train journey to come home from north Wales, happy to see my family and friends again