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  1. Bumpdate with some low quality potato phone pics, treated the rawed bits to some autosol and elbow grease also failed miserably at an attempt at a ghetto tubeless on the rear Would have been happier with the clear trialtech hose if it hadn't turned beige Nothing I can do to get this pic the right way up either Currently 7.78kg. Chris.
  2. Me and Craig should be out in the next few weeks, just waiting on a wheel build for Craig. It's been nearly 4 years since I last rode and most of the stuff we used to ride has gone now haha I wouldn't be worried about your skill level I had a SAH 2 years ago and I'm pretty limited by it but going to have a go and Craig dislocated his shoulder last time he rode haha. Where abouts did you move to? We're from near the dw stadium.
  3. Rear is an intense edge fro and the front is an intense system 1 both with the tread cut off steak knife style, rear was pretty grippy when I used it ages ago plus they were dirt cheap...they're both on the upgrade list haha.
  4. So after having no bike for a long while and being fairly I'll last year leaving me marginally better than housebound, decided I needed to do something to get some activity back and put this together. Apologies for the crappy phone pics I only have a crappy phone to take pics with...will sort some better/more when I get out on it. Weight is 8.3kg. I'm also still on the lookout for some tryall/rockman carbon forks if anyone has a set for sale Chris.
  5. I'm from wigan and there isn't many of us here (at least when I last rode), of the 4 or 5 I used to ride with I'm only aware of one that still does (although I'm halfway there with half of a bike). Did bump into a lad on a mod a year or so ago but no idea if he is still riding, where abouts in Wigan are you moving to? Some parts are a proper shit hole haha
  6. About time someone made a carbon frame that doesn't look too weird, top tube looks a tad gash though could do with a toning down a tad imo. 24 with disc forks please! If they make carbon goodies for all aspects of the bike world why is building a front wheel such a challenge...
  7. Old but says it's ok there, unsure if it has changed since though other topics I've read through (elsewhere and more recent, link has credibility) say the same too. I'm guessing its illegal to ride it out of the mot place if it passes with no tax hahaha
  8. I had the same shouting at haha and for covering both levers all the time too...not sure why he was deeming that bad though. 1 for the clutch, 2 for the brake suits me, thought of hitting a moon-crater sized pothole while using all 4 fingers to brake should be a good enough reason not to haha
  9. Had the same thing with the echo 24 I had, put it down to overtightening the cranks (guessing the way the crank/bb spacers sit together against the bearings) I just loosened the crank bolt a tiny bit until I could feel it a bit/stand it without my cranks being loose haha was less noticeable with try-all expert cranks for some reason too, iirc the drag/tight spot feeling stort of felt like it was on the drive side of the bb though.
  10. For use as their intended purpose mate, hence why it's in chit chat...
  11. Anyone know about these? Price isn't too bad Chris.
  12. Had a pair of the neon 2012s on the echo 24 some time back, built into a solid feeling wheel for a single wall defo wasn't a floppy kipper. Can't comment on their ability to hold a grind though, I used them smooth. I'd own another pair if that helps, doubt they'd be suitable if you're a partucualy heavy rider Also agree with the eylet mention above, every eyleted wheel I've built just 'felt' better
  13. Yup, 780g iirc strong as hell and porn to look at but almost twice the weight of the onza rim on now...
  14. Pics? Spec ect. Might be interested