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  1. I was having an utter nightmare trying to bleed up mt brakes until I tried this Create a vacuum to sick any trapped air out of the bleed port, it took a couple of tries but worked pretty well. Now I'm leaving the bloody things well alone, never had as many problems bleeding up brakes than these maguras
  2. You know you're in trouble when you have to turn to the deserted forum tell Colin to just go brakeless too
  3. Anyone up for a bounce up Shipley Saturday?
  4. It's skipping, happens all too often, give it a good clean out, if you use gt85 or wd40 to help you like said above, make sure that you lube it up after with some cycle oil or 3 in 1, gt and wd tend to dry things out over time :/
  5. Must be, but would be awful if they fixed it.. Still rides the same, still breaks the same.. yet would be more expensive.. Lets keep our freewheels wobbly....
  6. Since its my frame bars and stem do I get a say in if the grubby fingered inbred gets reported?? Also starting to feel a little un-easy about that shed :/ Sheds get broken in to all the time :/ Will it be alarmed??
  7. yeah gopro, if you were to get a canon you'd have to go for a 550D to make the most of it, not that the 400D is bad only 550 is acceptable for filming.. You could always make a camera mount that bulks the camera out in your hands so you can use it for moving shots
  8. Right Dan, you still at huddersfield uni? Rat & Ratchet in huddrsfield, osset brewery ales but itself is a micro brewery, I'll treat you to a white rat when you have the chance, you wont leave
  9. This I had practically the same thing typed out just then XD If you don't want to go through tartybikes, then ebay, or there'll be some knocking around on here.. But tarty will always help 100%
  10. Read the first few posts then got bored so if i've interrupted things then that's why XD I started out in life detesting smoking, finding it repulsive and pointless... I was always offered them when I was out with my mates but I never accepted.. Then when I was around 14/15 I gave in, did it more like Dan mentioned his mates did on the first page, and hey presto got addicted... It wasn't till around 5 months ago I bought an e cig to keep the gf happy since she lost two aunties because of smoking.. I was still smoking when using that but for the past three months I've been on the e cig only. I reccomend them to any smoker as an ALTERNATIVE. They should NEVER be sold as a quitting aid, if anything I use the e cig more than I smoked, because I can do it pretty much anywhere. I don't like using it, yet most of the time I am doing. I tell people I'm quitting, but that is pretty much a lie. The best way to quit is to just stop. I've tried stopping around 6-7 times now but since I'm not really motivated to do it I just keep going back. They're not the same thing, I still crave cigarettes because of this, and I've even resorted to rolling my mates cigs just so I can feel like I'm back to my old routine. They are a good product for an alternative like I've said, but since there has been no government testing I'm sceptical as whether to believe they are "healthy" But when the government testing is done, I can almost guarantee that it will be negative, but I will still be sceptical, since the government will be loosing out on tax from cigarettes I doubt anything good will be said, the only other thing would be for them to tax them as a tobacco product which will probably make me want to pack it in.. £80 a month on baccy £10 a month on e liquid... Positives - No Carcinogens, Way cheaper, smells nice, tastes nice (for the girlfriend ) Negatives - will not always be a good vape, can find yourself without pretty easy, relying on battery and all, coils need to be replaced, liquid is messy, you have to say to the people at the pub you can't go out for a cig because you forgot to charge it. It has the potential to make you more addicted, making it harder to quit. These are my experiences with them, and they have become this, from thinking they are "the golden product" and the answers to my prayers, they're a little bit over-rated :/
  11. I get to spend Christmas morning with her, that's all I want Plus, Even though she earns a lot less than me with her being in college, I'm sure she'll have put just as much thought in to what she's got me which is all that matters, Money might be able to buy nice things, and even though I've spent a lot, it wouldn't make a difference if it was £500 or £5, just as long as they mean something to us For example, I bought myself a ps vita a few months ago, other than for skype I don't use it.. Yet I still have the christmas card she gave me last year, I hope this makes sense.. worked a 12 hour day today and I'm pretty tired XD
  12. Make her something then, maybe a collage of photos, things you've found from times you've spent with her.. Think of something like that x
  13. Well.. so far for the beloved.. I remember her saying that she always wanted to learn guitar, but she never could afford to have one, and she's seriously obsessed with green day. So I've bought her a sunburst acoustic guitar like the one billie joe armstrong uses in the video of her favorite song But I've also gone and bought some water decals to put a green day logo on it, which will make her burst with excitement Secondly, I have a couple of faux fur throw overs which we use as blankets when she stays over (she loves them), and since her favorite colours green (some guesses why) I've got her a green one And thirdly, She's always said she spent countless hours on animal crossing on nintendo DS when she was younger, and that she'd always like to play the new one but she can't afford the new 3DS for it.. So I got her the new 3DS and Animal crossing That's it so far I hope she likes them since this guitars gone wrong a few times and it's starting to stress me out XD
  14. Because.. My phone is gay and won't let me keep it due to storage A new one requires money Woman uses money No money for new phone...