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  1. as requested. some very slight scratches but nothing deep or really nasty. given them a hillbilly tuneup (wd40 and a rag) and had a good squint round the crown and disc tab welds for cracks. steerer is about 195mm


    also, peeking in pic 1 i have just got some surplus echo urbans in a joblot of parts.  disc only, black, newer model with super thick alli steerer.  will give them a scrub and checkover if interestedIMG_20151120_234423.thumb.jpg.07aa291396


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    2. robkerly


      im not sure what the going rate is, or how much they cost to post but thinking around 25 for the lights and 30 for the urbans. if youre worried about the strength the lights probably arent for you. they are pretty damn light.  a mate of mine has run the same urbans for two years now on his street bike and they have taken far more punishment than i can bear to watch. the older ones tended to bend/crack around the steerer joint, so i have been told, but these have something nuts like a 6mm thick steerer tube. far thicker than my trialtechs

    3. echohifi


      Ahh fairplay an ive personally bent 2 pairs of urbans so i think ile give it a miss cheers

    4. robkerly


      good work! no worries, cheers

  2. fact of the matter is no one really likes to work just one of lifes necessitys to survive an if you honestly think temping is better than doing what your doing, then you really need to re consider, as agencys pay is going to be the same minimum wage crap, for 1-2 days a week if your lucky an bareing in mind it all takes time too, its not something thatl just happen over night
  3. what frame was that i ended up with ? ive had my megamo since i was at school an the only frame ive ever snapped, had it repaired twice now lol
  4. ive got one of these too and those forks lol , and a tibo or ali bongo it was called
  5. i was into collecting but decided to sell up everything as i dont ride any more still got a leeson 660, 2 megamos, a heavy tools which is on ebay at the minute a planet x zebdi a planet x tibo a planet x jack flash, had an ashton, had a brisa had a monty had 3 pashleys an several other planet x,s had about 22 bikes in total now down to about 8 lol
  6. should have said rockshox sidehops
  7. that was one of the ones for sale on here , the one with the blue sidehops, you can see them in the background , also check out the bidder with zero feedback,, blatantly beeing run up by a fake account
  8. people annoy me immensely, if any one wants anything itl be through ebay on cash on collection basis only

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    2. TOMTRIALS123


      thats the internet

    3. echohifi


      just general time wasters saying thyel buy stuff an not bothering or bidding on somthing winning an backing out, people just love to waiste your time or offer you nothing for stuff

    4. TOMTRIALS123


      you'll definitely like TF then

  9. also scott had a bash at the mods a few years ago
  10. an people wonder why i wont post stuff
  11. to everyone msging about the ashton frame bare with me, ile be in contact monday or tuesday

  12. i know its bad to laugh at others miss fortune i do apologize pashley, i came here angry but that had me creased up after a nasty break up with the mrs today it was just the laugh i needed
  13. so after a real shit year of both parents being ill , having a breakdownan being chucked on antidepressents an sleepers, im going to get a frame friday an build a bike to ride again, first thing ive genuinely excited about this year :)

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    2. JJ Leigh

      JJ Leigh

      good on you man! keep your head held high x

    3. echohifi


      im actually quite overwhelmed by the responses thanks guys

    4. Nickkkkk


      Keep positive man! Word of warning though AD's are like any other drug and can be very difficult to come off leaving a lot of people with severe withdrawal.

  14. it was a verified address, basically hes said courier cocked up the address, an was delivered to another address up his street supposedly , he then claimed it hadnt been delivered there at all , although i had the proof to say it had, an on the sat nav an google maps however you put the addresses in it still comes back to the one house an the initials used to sign for the frame are suspiciously similar,to the guys actual name so if it was delivered to the wrong address why would the guy be signing for it himself ?
  15. scamers on ebay really annoy me , eventually sold my pashley frame through ebay, gets posted out gets to the said delivered address which there was a discrepancy in the guys paypal address only corresponded to a road, so the courier said this is the address so the frame was posted, after 2 weeks i get a message saying its not arrived i go to the courier an they say it was delivered and gave me a prove of delivery note with the signers signature on an a delivery schedule, he had the delivery rescheduled 3-4 times an it was eventually signed for at an address on the street, anyhow , he still claimed the frame wasnt there an then told me someone had signed for it , in the end he closed his case an didnt get a refund as i told him id be going to the address given with the police to retrieve my pashley frame as someone signed for it in his name at that address was fraud an theft , an havent heard anything since ,,,, be careful of this scam , basically people arent giving there full address on paypal so when there item comes to be delivered itl be left with a neighbour as the address will only come up as a road, an then they claim not to have received the item blaming the courier, NEVER POST ANYTHING WITHOUT TRACKING AN BEING SIGNED FOR, it could save your ass like it has mine