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  1. still the same ole marino cuy ,i tried everything but it just wont break edit,sorry for the crap smartphone snapshot
  2. 74mg would result in a hell of a headache even for heavy smokers i think ^^
  3. well if you guys stay in the EU you will find out it wont>> tpd2 EU Tabacco Directive
  4. running an onza tooth fairy bashring on my holzfeller cranks on the marino. bought it new and unused last year though^^ have the onza cleaner of my mate robert in the shed,its still in build process so no pics yet not exactly retro,huh?
  5. to be honest i think it would look more thought through if it had just so much more bb height i mean i know its pretty high now,but it would look so much better imo overall a nice bike though
  6. me was bored^^ if i get it right its some kind of flat ribbon clapton.intense flavour and even at 20 watts as usualits a good dense vape,which surprises me,thought the ramp up would ruin it but it hits
  7. i see all this tanks and great reviews of them but no matter how hard i try,i ust cant get on with tanks in general. drippers are my way of vape it seems,KBOX with a little boy rda in single coil mode 0.4ohm @20watts but hey mike,will try some of the wire youve sent me again later on today.will put a pic of the fresh build up if you like
  8. to mention it,popcorn lung from vaping is a inhale the concentration you get OB (thats what the lung disease is called short here) from you have to be really working in a chinese popcorn factory. cigarettes contain 10k times more diacetyl than butter flavors for e-liquids. smokers and especially non smokers cant get this,but its millions of vapers feel healthwise compared to when they were smoking...including myself there wasnt a single day i wasnt coughing up weird colours every morning when i was smoking.i got flu and other infections 5-10 times a year ,now its 1-3 times as any other guy .if someone could proof me wrong and give me clear evidence id quit vaping right away,but until this day science failed to do so. so vape on,living in an industrialized country will kill you before vaping will edit:damn spelling errors:) have a good start of 2016 everybodeh!
  9. what ive seen is that everyone is recommending the aromamizer RDTA.i am into drippers full on still,so if you need tips for a decent dripper id say veritas rda all the way
  10. i think thats the answer for cotton builds in general. just enough to not stuff it in there,but less enough to allow juice flow
  11. got bored of the restrictive draw my veritas offered and built up my little boy rda in single coil mode.this thing leaks like fk (will get a silicone seal ringy thingy for the airslots for out n about) but holy sht it performs... will post a pic with next rewick right now it looks a bit gunky^^
  12. just realize that as long theres bb height being measured as "above the line your wheelbase is drawn with" theres always the "relative to other points" thing what you feel is changes in relation of geometry values to each other and the contact points you have to your bike.(not just points inyour rider/bike system relative to the ground or the ceiling ) that being said,like other people said,the real difference in trials will show once you get on the rear wheel,which is basicallyy the stance modern pure trials frames are designed for.
  13. heard good things about the istick 50,has 4400 mah so should last the average vaper like 2-3 dayz and the advanced 1-2 what i am using atm is the kanger KBOX,just simple and sturdy,works a treat its using 18650s though, a freshly charged one is lasting exactly a whole day for me (veritas @0.4ohm @20-25W)
  14. still wondering what kind of flavourings you guys use that its 15% of the liquid youve made in the above example. didnt even find a flavour yet that recommends more than 5% on its label edit:and i am a self-mixer since 2014
  15. was just trying to help,but dont listen to me,my last tank was a ce4