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  1. That is your problem, you don't pull up to bunny hop (at all, at all), Ill describe it in a few different ways. - you have to squat down low and move your weight backwards horizontally, then once you are past the pivot point stand up. - compress, lean back and push your feet forwards and pull hands back, the stand up and push hands down. - The movement is a bit like using one of those rowing machines they have at gyms. - In terms of bike movement the bars need to go toward the pedals and the pedals toward the bars. -The pull up motion is generated by leg and hip movement and your arms are just used for control. So don't use your arms to pull. if you do this properly you'll do the first part of the bunny hop (and be more of a stood up position). ! At this point you are going to loop out because you'll land back wheel so you have to do the second part real quick. The next part is to bend your legs (squat/compress) and throw arms forward. (Its kind of the reverse motion of the first part). Also, imo if you ride a street zoot, don't worry too much about rear wheel hops and don't expect to be pogoing about. Work on wheelies and bunny hops.
  2. I got a pair of these a couple of weeks ago, totally agree theyre amazing!
  3. It's probably different for everyone, but i tried quitting lots of times, and I properly quit about 7 years ago. I tried a lot of nicotine replacements and in the end just stopping cold turkey was most effective. The thing is all you really need is a reason or strong desire to quit, just get through the first three days and its easy. Nicotine is very addictive, but it is noting in comparison to actual will power. Whether you want to be fitter, or live longer, feel better, save money, be more attractive to the ladies, what ever it is for you.. once you actually commit all you have to do is just stop.
  4. Also the ticking sound, is there any play in the headset ? It could also be spoke unwind ? I would start a separate thread to get some more help from others.
  5. you can ride bars back if you like, but you can also ride bars forward and it is much easier on the rear wheel, so most people ride with their bars very far forward. The thing is lots of people don't realise how different these are to normal bikes. Basically don't put any weight on your hands at all, when you ride put 90% on your weight on your legs. You can ride weight forward but there is a limit to what your hands will take. Look at the body position at 0.03 in this video, practice that position on two wheels and just on the rear wheel, and get comfortable in it because it makes up like 50% of the moves, notice that he is doing a trackstand, and this is a better type of trackstand for pure trials in my opinion because your weight is ready to produce power.
  6. If you can use a computer just use this on google chrome while watching this or video editing gear can probably do it pretty easily.
  7. Welcome to the forum! Skate parks with street sections would be okay, something like a grind box would be ideal, but transition will be sketchy to ride on a trials bike. Did you ride any trials before ? Check out these tutorials, they should get you some ideas:
  8. Its probably easiest to just pump extra air in the tyres and let it out as you ride, it can change the feel quite a bit. You will probably feel most difference when you learn rear wheel hops, the amount of air affects how easy it is too bounce and how stable the rear wheel is. If you are learning rolling moves more air will be less tiring to practice with and will reduce your risk of pinch flats, so bear that in mind if you are learning gaps or pedal ups. Harder tyres are easier to pivot on too, and the pressure of the front tyre can affect your track stands quite a bit. I found that tyre pressure and bar angle are good things to experiment with and continue to experiment with as you progress.
  9. This video is good at explaining stuff:
  10. does this stuff work okay on powder coat ? they've got 1L tubs on ebay now !!!
  11. You could look at getting a 50mm or even 40mm mtb stem like they use on dirt jump/street bikes, you could probably pick one up cheap on ebay to try. The steering would still feel okay with 50mm and it would be easier to spin. But I reckon you can shorten the setup a decent amount doing that, and then maybe try running the bars a touch higher. And just to state the obvious some of the 50mm stems only take smaller bmx diameter bars, so double check.
  12. I think people are probably going to ask for a picture of your setup, to see bar angle stem etc.. Also I think high bars make pulling up much easier, high and short is pretty common for street riders. High bbs make looping out easier too. I would say lower back pain is almost always due to not using glutes and legs enough or not tensing abs enough and not really to do with geo, as plenty of people ride really really long bikes. You need to squat your bike up not lean it up. But that is just my opinion, and the right geo certainly does help ease pains.
  13. Just noticed this, would be great to have it back to normal.
  14. the zoot pros are good there is one for sale in one of the uk facebook groups
  15. The bit going up the zig zag stairs was mental. And great sock choice too!