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  1. Hey, could I grab the better condition of the two trialtech carbon boosters please? do you happen to have the spacer washers n stuff? 

    Thanks, Bowen 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jahbless


      No rush man, would be handy if you did have them :)


    3. Culshaw95


      Hi, just got back from work and found them still in their packet 

    4. jahbless


      Sweet man! let me know how to pay? cheers

  2. Holy ripoff... . what happened to the GT? Herman must be stoked someone bought a frame.
  3. Gap at 2:20 was serious.
  4. Looks badass... really really want to have a go on an Arcade build. How are you guys finding the new Magura brakes? any/much better than the saints or hope setups?
  5. Dang, that sucks. 100% billy.
  6. A fence has been erected surrounding the riding spot just next to the swing bridge (Plimsoll Bridge) in Bristol! anyone know why it's been made secure all of a sudden? Total BS.
  7. Such a good rider. The old footage was awesome, he still kills it.
  8. Niiiiiiccceeeee
  9. Awesome pictures!
  10. Thank you Peter I have spent a long... time trying to figure that out.
  11. 100% agreed Question to all.... ? Anyone know what helmet he uses? I want one, I think.
  12. Rad vid Rich!!! Lamorna = The Bomb!
  13. Looks cool! is this RAL1026?
  14. What an Awesome bunch of friends!!! Hot Women's too.
  15. Not a single S**t was given by the Dude! good god he's massive!