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  1. by the look of the forecast for tomorrow i will be heading through for around 11 at the tradeston bridge any porblems text me (07588018981) or pm me on this
  2. great where is best to meet up for you?
  3. hopefully going to be heading through weather dependant if anyones game, text me on 07588018981
  4. i know someone who would buy it
  5. thanks but i am not to sure about that
  6. Damn, in all honesty i trimmed down alot of the 180's i had in it
  7. opinions welcome !"!
  8. threw this together just few clips trying some different things. Watch in HD ! proper video in the next few months thanks
  9. alright ill have a look around cheers mate
  10. what rim did you run it to i have had no luck trying to find a 36 hole rim that is suitable
  11. does anyone know of a good 36 hole rim i can buy if not can i lace a 32 rim to a 36 hub ?
  12. Thanks I see where you are coming from but would I be able to run the profile for a while and then change to those pawls and springs, Does anyone have an idea of how long a profile would last and how well it deals with rain
  13. So once I have bought one I need to replace all the pawls and springs ? Doesn't seem worth it ?
  14. So once I have bought one I need to replace all the pawls and springs ? Doesn't seem worth it ?
  15. so my echo sl packed in today and i am just thinking of what is the best option. I am in between buying a profile mini cassette hub and swapping my ffw to a screw on sprocket.i am just wondering on how well profile's last and how dependable they are. i know they are seen to be very good in the bmx world and would just like to know if they will do a better job than a sl ? thanks michael