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  1. Hi, is there anyone free through the week to ride around London, or anywhere in that area, I'm staying in Harpenden, I am able to drive anywhere
  2. Hi, I'm coming down from Scotland to go down to London, but I'm stopping of for an afternoon at Shipley glen, so if anyone fancies it, I'll be there around 2 on Tuesday
  3. yeah I'm up for that! Where was it?
  4. Thanks mate, I love this bike, I'll need to learn taps first lots of 26" riders this year! See you at the comps!
  5. Loving this new bike!Thank you to Trials Addict for the continued support! hope you enjoy!
  6. Quick video from my trip to Cornwall this summer. riding the new trials addict frame
  7. Cheers Paul! Yeah man, go ride Bristol when Its not a festival
  8. We went together Hahaha Thanks dude
  9. Thanks man! Would have liked a longer video myself
  10. What are you on about? Hahaha
  11. Not as much filming as I would have liked but here is some clips from my holiday
  12. loved that mate!
  13. sidehopped 47" yesterday!

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. trialstrider24


      cheers iain, sweet man, bringing the 24" to redfest?

    3. Blake


      Yes my brother :)

    4. trialstrider24


      you have to give me a shot ;)

  14. Nice riding guys! see you at the comps!
  15. yes!