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  1. How about this one!
  2. Hi Adam. Thanks for the reply. We will be in touch after the hols. 50 quid isn't worth the rim I received as 90% of the holes were like this, but we will chat about where we go from now and I am sure we can sort something out. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the cuddle obviously. What would really make me feel better would be an answer to the original question..... if anyone else has had this problem with the new batch of rims?
  4. It is shut for Easter!...and the experience of "all the others" that you talk about is what I am interested in! A lot more that your opinion..which I have already heard.
  5. sadly not a hoax. They really are this shite. The bummer is the fact I have waited for 4 moths for these rims to be back in stock. Now I am going to have to wait even longer....especially if the whole batch is bad!
  6. Thanks Shercofray. Can I ask when you bought your rim? Was it recently from the new batch?
  7. No. I am asking if anyone has had the same problem. So far only one person with an inspired rim has replied. His rim is ok. The answer to the question, has anyone else had the same problem is still available for a factual answer.
  8. BTW I am not bashing Tarty. I even said it is not their fault in my email to them. As my 1st post said, I just want to know if anyone else has had the same problem. If this is normal or just a bad batch of rims clearly you wouldn't know without asking this question. This is not baffling at all? Why asking for help from the forum would piss people off, on the other hand, is completely baffling!
  9. "BEWARE: Dodgy Inspired Team rim batch" "Am I right to complain about this?" To answer these you need to know if anyone else is in the same boat. Which is the question asked, and one which still needs some factual answers.
  10. I waited four months for them to come back into stock. If all this new batch is shit, then sending out another shit one will not be very useful to me. Also waiting for a new batch may take forever. Therefore, my question. Has anyone else had this problem? Really. Some factual answers from people with team rims for an honest (and polite) question would have been preferable.
  11. Could you show a picture of the holes in your rim? Thanks
  12. Have you got an Inspired team rim? Facts only please.
  13. ??? My question was.... is this normal? If this forum exists just to attack people it is a pity. Anyway, if anyone has an Inspired Team rim and can answer my question factually I would be happy to hear from them.
  14. It is at least two rims as the other one is just as bad. Hence, the question to others with inspired team rims. Is this normal?