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  1. Made it work pretty good with spacers between both the disc and hub, and between the adapter and frame! Will try that out though! Cheers everybody!
  2. Hey, long time no see! Going to fix the old bikes issues, SO: I have the old Onza pro 2010 frame, and I remember that I bought a built Monty wheel from Tartybikes, the hub is a sealed monty hub and I thiiink it's this exact hub: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/116mm_fixed_hubs/monty_221_ti_rear_disc_36h/c62p2151.html I have disc brakes on the rear, and there's no way I can set the brakes up correctly without them rubbing like crazy! The only way I made it work was with some huuuuge spacers between the brake adapter and the frame, and it feels pretty risky riding like that. I've worked as a bike mechanic so it's not like I don't know how to set up disc brakes, trust me. But I can't adjust the caliper close enough to the disc, it's like I need another centimeter of adjustment towards the disc. So how do I make it work correctly? Spacers between the disc and hub?
  3. Read up a bit on the supplement industry before posting their product information here.. Trust me, it's built up of lies and bullshit. There's only 3 supplements I would recommend, and that actually works: Protein powder, basically just easy protein if your diet doesn't cover your "protein needs". Creatine, this does work, helps me a lot in the gym. I feel stronger and have more energy to push a few more reps. Pre workout - this scary thing with a ingredient list longer than the bible, will make you feel like you've just had 70 energy drinks, and does contain some good things which will make you push out a few more reps
  4. No matt don't!!!!!!!!!! BCAA is a big pile of shit (if you're not a vegetarian). You already get all the aminos from eating meat and protein stuff during the day, spend your money on orange juice instead, would work just as good haha
  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that frame...
  6. Ehhhh???? Dude are you serious? I live in the capital, right in the city, and seing a cheap car is not really common. You are really f**king stupid Either way, for those of you who wants to know how well the freewheel is after some testing: It seems alright, does make some clicking noises and skips every once in a while when not under any real pressure, like pedaling around. Which isn't really confidence inspiring butttt-- Not broken yet, and I smash the living shit out of my freewheels It's not THAT loud though! Can't complain, seems to be worth the price
  7. That was sick
  8. No worries
  9. http://www.trashzen.com/static-hop-wheel-transfer-3.php
  10. Didn't I think about that!
  11. Jesus christ why is everyone bitching so much here... If I where you I'd just grind the rotor down a tad. I did have a slight rub on my saint back in the day (hehe) and I just rode it down untill it sort of "bedded in". That does depend on how much it actually rubs though?
  12. So f**king pissed off with the results of the Swedish elections! Not even words can describe how stupid the Swedish voters are!!!!

    1. Pete.M


      Feels man, Scottish voters are also largely dumb

    2. williams


      This is on another level though, trust me!

  13. Mmmmm... My new mod is so nice!

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      pics please and don't forget to take a pic of your arms :)

    3. JJ Leigh

      JJ Leigh

      and your neck too :)

    4. williams


      You sure you don't want a dick pic George?xoxoxo

  14. Sick riding, love your style!
  15. I don't really like putting others down, but I do feel like I have to be honest... That was shiiiiiiiiit! What happened to his old videos, like x10? such a good rider wasting his skills riding on rocks...