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  1. Looks great that! A Westy/MK/Lotus is definitely an itch I'd like to scratch one day.. Leave the plate off!
  2. Bahhh!!! I'll see if I can fix it by mobile, if not it'll be tomorrow! Edit - All fixed now!
  3. And yes, there is a semi-deliberate gap there too
  4. @monkeyseemonkeydo I fired 5-6 small tacks round the perimeter and then got a blowtorch on the cast and then it was a single weld round. The cap on the old WG port I used mild filler as the plate was mild also, and weaved over the rod (with preheat as the flange) Yeah, it kept growing!! How it began.. And then a bit more.. And then a tiny bit more!
  5. I'm liking this thread! I'm usually found in the garage in the evenings making stuff, most of which is "car thread" content but will try and remember to post some non-car stuff in here. A few more recent things I've made to contribute here (there might be car stuff..) Scale mock-up for a residential strip and fire resistant re-clad project we'll be doing - One of those London residential building over 18m you've been hearing about in the news so often. Area will be 2000m2 A little bit of TIG work here - Stainless v-band to cast turbine housing. I most likely used the wrong filler (308) but that's what I had. Added the little bit of fence infill to the left the other day, but the entire lower section including the sleeper retaining wall with steps, lower artificial grass, decking, back fence was completed by myself last year. Top section of 'turf' will be getting redone hopefully this year when the extension gets done. How it looked before for ref- Twin plenum inlet manifold, this was my first real aluminium TIG project undertaken That'll do for now - no idea if the images will work as I've linked them to my google photo account - let me know if not and I'll have to upload them to the forum. Andy
  6. Loved mine!! Anyhow, if anyone has some "Search for a Trials Star" from 2005 or 2006 that would be great! It was myself, Shrewsbury, Fatmike, Nick Manning. There was also an article following the finals following the bike show... Andy P
  7. Hi Ali long time no see/speak! Hard luck on the rejected offer, but I've found things like this always iron themselves out. We've had offers rejected on places we thought we've loved but then there is always another house around the corner that comes up, for the right price that'll suit you more. Fingers crossed it'll be the same story for you! Andy
  8. It's just a B5 Audi S4. Rwd, saab engine, diy dry sump, holset hx40 turbo, vems management, bmw 6 speed manual, nissan S14 rear diff housing, cusco RS LSD. Widebody is all metal and all my own. Andy P
  9. Fixed now you miserable bastards Andy P
  10. It works for me!
  11. Hi guys! My name's Andy and I'm new here. I see for a trials-forum some of you also have an interest in cars - which I do too! I think we might get along. Below is a picture of my track cars, neither of which work, seemingly ever. Even if they did, they'll probably be considerably slower than my company car. Andy P
  12. Well these look pretty good
  13. The frame is an inspired Hex. The grey frame used in some of the clips is actually the same frame. Why the colour change to white? Notice the white frame is double disc Zero Gravity
  14. Haha! You do realise I live with Nick AK? At the mo he's on shift work and wont be home til the weekend.
  15. Just wondering if there are any local riders that fancy a bit of a roll about tonight? Don't know the area too well so would appreciate being given the tour! Andy P