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  1. Enjoyed that! Top riding! Would hate to be within a mile of him and his bird though with the noises in that!
  2. Classic!!! Saved in a separate tab for when i have a glass of wine in my hand later! Boom!
  3. As above, apart from very nearly seeing his testicles in a few clips it was spot on! I bet everything is twice as big as it looks on the video too!
  4. Spot on! Good to see you getting back into it!!
  5. Feel free to join in with us anytime dude, we ride south shields area a few times a week! Just drop me a pm!
  6. +1 for G-form!
  7. Hmm, sounds like a wee bit of a faff! I'm not to fussed to be honest, just wondered if anyone had done it. Think it would be a nice clean look with all carbon showing!
  8. Has anyone tried to remove the branding/graphics from your carbon handlebars? How did you go about it?
  9. I gave mine a good bit of stick and it was spot on! All about the build I'd say!
  10. Joe Poyzer i'm guessing... Ian Drummond has been testing these for the past few months with no issues what so ever. Feel great, work great and look the part
  11. Nicest Koxx frame by far, maybe the best yet! Awesome video too, nice and chilled. Very easy to watch
  12. I had a Formula Oro a few years back. Best disc brake i've ever had so i wouldn't be too concerned about the other comments!
  13. Run up was 10m!
  14. Hi Guys, I've entered online without payment if this is ok? I'm not 100% sure if i can make it just yet, as of now i am only working Saturday but this could change tomorrow...If things stay as they are can i pay on the day? If things change i will phone and cancel tomorrow! Cheers Brett