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    frame: 24seven forks: 24seven stem: because 150mm x 30 bars: try all expert 2012 750mm headset: FSA PIG bottom bracket: FSA pedals: echo tr rear brake: magura hs33 2011 trials edition front brake: magura mt2 chain tensioner: chain tugs cranks: trialtech forged sport 175mm freewheel: echo sl rear sprocket: trialtech brake clamps: magura black
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  1. thanks guys!
  2. hello everyone, i have a hs33 and echo urban 2013 forks on a stock, my question is, will i feel much difference if i fit a booster on to the forks? what are the "for" and "against"? cheers in advance
  3. hello TF me and my friend ride in ayrshire, mainly ayr, kilmarnock, cumnock and maybole, we were wondering if there were any more riders in the area, it would be great to catch up with more folk and get to know someone who shares the same interests, cheers
  4. hello TF, was wondering if there is any trials riders located in ayrshire? me and my friend ride trials i ride a stock and he rides mod, 07512586789 heres my number, give me a text if youre from the area?
  5. absolutely love it! i want to see more! great video, great style
  6. i have an mt2 on the front of my stock i run a 203mm rotor, power is amazing and lever feel is really really nice mate, well worth the price, i had a hope tech 203mm and the mt2 is actually stronger, it feels stronger and with better hold anyway, hope this helps you pal
  7. hi everyone, this is aimed mainly at glasgow riders, me and my mate are going to glasgow this saturday for a day to do some trials, i was wondering if anybody would like to join us, it would be good to meet new trials riders and spending time well, also would give us an opportunity to find new spots for trials, cheers
  8. ive been running the mt2 on the front of my stock, i run a 203mm rotor, the brake is amazingly powerful and the lever feels comfy and with to pain whatsoever on the finger, i would reccoment this brake, you wont be disapointed, mine bedded in withing 20 minutes, just took the bike down a massive hill and kept tapping the lever going down the hill, i donme it twice and the brake was bedded in, the power is amazing
  9. so how much are these stickers?
  10. thanks guys, i have ordered the mt2 203mm, along with a few other things which all cost me just under 500
  11. azarathal: i will make my mind up soon, my money not come in the bank yet so i need to wait, laurence-trials: can you remember what the review said, please? cheers
  12. right guys, im gonna be ordering a new front disc brake today off tartybikes, and budget wise im looking at the magura mt2 (hydraulic) or the bb7 (mechanical) which one would you guys advise me to buy? please help me out
  13. i want to raw my frame to respray it or just leaving it raw, what are the best ways of doing this? please let me know, thanks
  14. at first i thought its either a zhi/bionic...
  15. should come out like a nice build mate good luck building it, what other parts are you going for?