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  1. So I’ve changed the tyres out and added some custom decals and head tube badge from Curtis and it’s so fun.
  2. I did my T1 earlier quickly mines WB 1010 CS 392 BB 10 don’t have anything to do the head angle. nice build man can I ask what forks they are?
  3. Finally starting to ride it and it’s so much fun.
  4. That would be Interesting to see lads for sure. This one is ace but rear tyre clearance isn’t the best. Just got to find time to ride it now. I do want a kids balance or first bike made by him for sure.
  5. Just got to find or adapt my bar ends to fit these bars but it’s so much fun what I have spent on it, not very much.
  6. It’s built now and just about rideable need to sort a few bits to finish it off but this is how it looks now.
  7. Would of like a leeson but this came up and thought I’d give it a go raw and pleased to see the brazing too. Coming along nicely and hopefully rideable by next weekend.
  8. Almost complete. Waiting on the decals and hubs to get the wheels built and then finally ride again. Massive shout to @Addict Ben for sorting the awesome top cap set up, stem and one finger levers.
  9. There’s a big ride organised porthcawl 30th may
  10. A little bit more striping and it’s getting close to being clear coated.
  11. I’m not too sure on the year to be honest can’t find a lot out about it. There was a Belgium rider who rode this but not found anything more out. it’s looking pretty different now and does hop and spin rather nicely. Waiting on a few bits before I can actually ride it properly. Only a little brakeless play around in the garden so far.
  12. I quite like but only for now. Should be wheels are on the way but may need a tyre swap the 2.4 doesn’t seem to squeeze in the rear hopefully 2.35 will do. It will be rollable brakeless this weekend to play with.
  13. Took delivery of this the other day and made a start on making it my style already. The colour won’t be staying, wheels may take a while with the current situation and November until rims are hopefully in stock. But will be a nice build hopefully when complete.
  14. I finally found a pic of my first trials bike and now have an urge to build one up again. Although the frame is proving hard to find. A resprayed handsome dog rockstar but whether it was from factory like that or a copy I don’t know.