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  1. It’s nearly complete. Need a higher set of Azonic bars and a silver seat post then it’s complete.
  2. So I’ve acquired a couple of frames recently and managed to get one pair of forks but still need another set. Nothing is together yet but my mate sent me a pic of a wheelset he’s completed for me aand frame I’m building. This was my childhood dream bike, and yes I’ve built one before, but this one will be an insane spec.
  3. It’s getting there just need a couple more bits and it’s complete.
  4. Is this bens old one? Looks rad
  5. Still need a silver seat post, silver double wall bars and a hope silver headset but it’s coming together
  6. Well a bit of progress by the look. IMG_5086.MP4
  7. Me either dude. Hopefully pick it up next week and be all go
  8. It’s finally sprayed now to get for the decals and then I can build this bad boy up
  9. So having a build nearing completion and wanting to get back out riding trials like I used to. Are there any of you based near me that I could tag along with? I’m in newton abbot but can drive a bit depending where you ride and what.
  10. Is there what street riders in Plymouth? I’ve not managed to get a build together yet. But would be keen when I do have one to ride.
  11. So it’s in the spray shop and it’s all primered and good for that lush blue to go on. I’ve source half an original decal set too
  12. I got a few set of forks and a set of black fattys too
  13. His bike did look rad though the raw frame was awesome.
  14. Is this a hint do you think or to throw us off the scent?
  15. Would love to see chris on a modern pace for sure but can’t see it some how.
  16. Pace have released a new bike have they?
  17. Sorry if this isn’t allowed or the wrong place for it. My good friend does art touch ups making rad wall art. Digital artwork from your favourite riding or racing pictures. Retouched and printed on heavyweight textured art paper with archival giclee inks. Framed A4 Prints £50 and A3 Prints £65 exclusive of P&P
  18. oh my god I want these magazines so badly. Back in the day as a child I cut bits out for school projects and my wall. How I regret it now.
  19. Skewers? some oldish silver hope ones need to source an old but mint silver hope headset though.
  20. The wheelset are done just waiting on skewers now.
  21. Just took delivery of Jay Z Blueprint 2 on vinyl, it’s awesome the old childhood tracks
  22. So having sold the x tort frame I’ve been given this mad frame set and like the idea of practicing on this to start so I don’t ruin a pashley. Quite a cool shape frame but need the rock guard for the frame really as I’ve not ridden in so long. Can still do some bits but not attempted much. The beginning for this build.
  23. I got a few pairs of retro forks. Mad team 2.0, handsome dog superstrong, fattys and some others
  24. That looks awesome LOVE the colour and finish