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  1. Fire Emoji
  2. Your Not too old. Your just too Busy to Join a Group Ride
  3. Autobahn, no Speed Limit,Nice Cars (BMW,Mercedes) and also some #iamkate in Germany
  4. Keeper
  5. Main question: what Kind of Milka you Want?
  6. But did he diedededededeeeddddeed
  7. This was Not entertaining. #muchwow
  8. Well...... Yeah?
  9. Well... Step one, get rid of that mustache aka "schnörres" step two Chill! your more stiff then a french Competition Rider. you Need To Be more relaxed... back straight and more flexible in your knees. all in all it is way too forced.
  10. One of my "broken" frames
  11. After some Time of sleeping in a box somewhere in the Garage i Found this Frame suprisingly and Thought i Should give it another Try Geo wb 1040 bb +70 cs 370 so here it is
  12. Sooo..... Just ordered a Brand new v4 trials hub. lets See what it is Capable of
  13. So just one cam on Drive Side, Push real in Position and give them bolds some bomb Proof lock? ill give that a Try cheers
  14. Hey there England! im thinking about fitting a new Hope trials 135mm hub To my Ozonys Curve. one Thing came to mind... is it possible to run the Hope hub with snailcam chain tensioners? i think i Must Be possible but wanted to ask before Spending so much Money on it. will run a normal Screw on sprocket on Front then. thanks in advance germany elias