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  1. I've seen a couple of inspired bars snap right next to where the stem clamps the bars. Could have possibly been from over tightening the stem though
  2. Have you tried side hopping the coffee table yet ?
  3. Listen here yah stupid hippy fanny. Your absolutely shit on a bike. Iv seen your videos on youtube and they are a pile of wank. Get it up yah 

  4. Go eat fish

    1. koxx sky 2

      koxx sky 2

      f**k up yah f**kin washed up bam pot 

    2. Derek Linden

      Derek Linden

      Can’t hack it get your jacket


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  5. We are currently building our own private trials park and last weekend we had a group ride there in the sun. Here's the video...cheers
  6. Cheers mate. Yea it's a cool looking bike
  7. Thanks Ross. Derek has named his V racing "The Combine" :L
  8. Here you go guys hope you like it
  9. Had some time on my hands like most other people just now so put a short edit together with some old clips. Enjoy lads
  10. Personally I think riding videos should be judged on the actual riding in it and not the editing but thanks anyway
  11. realised that my old phone was automatically backing up my photos and videos to my google account so I put this edit together. hope you enjoy it
  12. Here is a few pictures of my breath tommorow which I recently had custom spray painted by one on my good friends. This paint job cost me £300 which I think is very reasonable considering it had nearly 30 hrs spent on it. Let me know what you think of it. If you are interested in wanting your bike sprayed get in touch with him. This is his instagram page: https://instagram.com/michaelgillett46?igshid=1neitno33bh4m
  13. Had a few clips on my go pro from the summer time so put together a youtube video before deleting them. Riders are Neil Gillies, Brodie Fergusson and Adam Baxter Enjoy
  14. Cheers boy. Was trying too send it over the whole thing :L