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  1. Cheers for the reply mate will have a look on southwest trials facebok now ) drop me a message next time your going there
  2. Riding portland saturday with a mate anyone welcome to join, just let me no for rough times cheers
  3. Ok good to no cheers, just googled it and it seemed the best place to ask.
  4. Fails to connect to forum on android?
  5. Sorry new to the forum, I was debating throwing it and getting that but will have ago at fixing it first cheers )
  6. Hi, just looking for advice on how to stop my white industries eno freewheel skipping, it recently has got really quiet to. I have taken it apart but didn't wanna pull and bend things to much. What's the best oil/grease to use? Thanks
  7. I have those bars too, they are perfect )
  8. Hi, im also interested in meeting riders round here. recently moved to the area i want to get out riding with people. i dont have facebook so private messaging on here would be great thanks!