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  1. Nice stunting get a full video out!!!
  2. Looks ok will you put a parking location if one is known
  3. What time you guys meeting? Is there much there?
  4. Farnham isn’t too far just looking for some sort or riding and to get on a couple rides. Cheers
  5. I am working in Alton for next few months and just built a new bike up just wondering if anyone is local to these areas, not rode in many years so total newb again. cheers
  6. Did you ride anywhere? I’m down Alton for the next few month just outside of Guildford
  7. I was really tempted to go for the monty but no posts had been put up at the time so went for a jitsie, think there meant to be similar I’ll let you know my verdict
  8. Cheers Herbert lemon what are they like on off camber do they fold much?
  9. I’m after a 26inch rear tyre which is the one to have?
  10. This is me little orange Koxx just starting to ride again feels quite nice
  11. Beast love the style....
  12. Enjoyed that Craig some big moves and nice style, I'll see you soon x
  13. Yeah I'm closer to Newcastle though. Cheers ads. I just seen a picture of one on an orange sky and contemplated getting a trialtech high rise stem which is same geo
  14. Does anybody happen to know what the geo is for the tartybikes stem, I believe it was 130x25, can anyone confirm this for me please?
  15. Andrew f**king Willis!!! Beast lad good seeing you back on it!