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  1. yes with age come Grand-papa strength :-)... Fun just never gets out of fashion !!!
  2. Hi im looking for european dealer that sells industry nine torch reat hub singlespeed as a bolt on solution(10mm) can only find qr or through axel, anybody knows?
  3. Once there was a thread called hope 4 noise, it whet something like this "Hi just got a new hope pro 4 rear hub, and its making noises...its like one or more of the pawls are in spot where they are not engaged and not completly free. So when i put presure on the pedal it sometimes makes a loud clunk noise. It never skips though...has anybody experienced similar?" Can find it anymore anybody knows why amd where its gone? Looking for some pics in there.
  4. Nice, like it...good solid riding
  5. I was told by tarty they get the hex as framekit in the sping 2019
  6. +1 for the hex, great bike...the arcade has more of a nimble bmx feel to it(love mine) but the hex rides more like a mtb than the arcade does...37 is still very very young ;-)... just get on with just reached level 4.2
  7. Solid riding as always....loved it, im ready to "waste" a few minutes next time you make an edit.... ;-)
  8. Nice one....taco's served ;-)...
  9. Nice creative it a lot...
  10. Looks cool..
  11. What seat is that you are using?
  12. Left the thread inside the frame. Done it a few times trying no to run spacers as this gets some more "cup" material inside the frame(im thinking this should make it stronger), and using a 24mm spacer to get chainring clerance.. saint bb is ordered...
  13. Just crack my bb cup..what are/where you guys running with the slx crank, just regular shimano?
  14. No not to my knowledge...maybe there are more models this one is with a 83mm axel..
  15. Two of the chainring-bolt holes crack with this as a result. The axel and pedal threads seems fine..