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  1. Left the thread inside the frame. Done it a few times trying no to run spacers as this gets some more "cup" material inside the frame(im thinking this should make it stronger), and using a 24mm spacer to get chainring clerance.. saint bb is ordered...
  2. Just crack my bb cup..what are/where you guys running with the slx crank, just regular shimano?
  3. No not to my knowledge...maybe there are more models this one is with a 83mm axel..
  4. Two of the chainring-bolt holes crack with this as a result. The axel and pedal threads seems fine..
  5. Hi im thinking about runnig some slx's on my arcade as my Saint crank gave up(after many year of faithfull service )anybody uses them and do they hold up ok?
  6. I run the shimano zee (almost the same as saint) works great with zee/slx/xt levers..
  7. Hmm do have a pic of it, hard to help without seeing it
  8. hi been running crazy bobs for a few years now, never had problems. had you tried to take the air out of the tube, and reset the tyre on the rim? (pull out/ hold it where it bungles in..)
  9. nice one...
  10. True Swoofty, those factors come into play(not just tyre pressure(psi)), just wondering if your guys setup, feels sorta like mine..(touching the rim occasionally)...Guess its not to far off..
  11. just a bonus question from me... when jumping on a rail with the rear wheel i sometimes maybe 1 in 10 feels the rear rim hitting the rail, lightly...but on the front if fx. i go up and over something or endo off a edge, when i push off i feel the rim touching more often, is this how your setup feels ??? im 45psi front/rear tyre.
  12. Love it....Right tool for the job...
  13. Stem is mounted, and test...feels great on the bike...
  14. Im guessing average would be between 40-50 psi..But lets hear it...
  15. cool thanks. ill give it a try, just waiting for the mail man now....