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  1. Hi Alu-sprocket up front seems to hold fine for me. used one on my arcade for 3 years, no problem.
  2. Super clean smooooth riding...and speedy recovery ..
  3. Hi and welcome... first off 25/16 maybe a bit hard, "normally" a 22/16 - 22/15 gear ratio is used on 24" bikes. As for longer stem, if you lower back feels "too bend" maybe a higher stem or a handlebar with more raise is better. If you are hitting the knees a lot on the handlebar, maybe a longer stem. As a rule of thumb: Always make your bike setup comfortable when standing on the bike both wheels on the ground, if it feels wierd or hard standing on the bike, modify it a bit. Good luck and have fun with it...If you need more help on bike setup a pic of you on the goat...
  4. brilliant, smooooth riding...
  5. Nice video....Love the fakie manual at 2:14...
  6. Look really sweet...waiting for a review of it..
  7. Ha ha ha
  8. 10kg spot on...feels kinde nimble and solid...fork has a lot less flex conpared to the 2012 version...only done one ride so far but seems great.
  9. Had a 2012 hex, then an arcade, now back to the hex...feels great..
  10. 20-40min each way...
  11. 22/18 is sorta standard for 26" a bit more clearin than the 28 you currently have.
  12. Any 4piston rear brake shimano, zee or saint, sram guide or magura mt5/7 would be parfekt. If mech brake is your thing i find avid bb7 are nice..a lower gearing would go a loooong way to make it more trialish...but most important ride it and have fun
  13. Come visit...
  14. Nice video, good riding..
  15. Welcome...have fun :-)...