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  1. I wanna ride now...well done flipp great stuff as always...
  2. Hi had the same problem on my pro4...sendt it back to Hope, and they fixed it...3 month later and now it skipps once in a while...changed pawls two times as they got crused. My pro2 just runs 10+years no problem...frustrating but have to get this sorted again.
  3. Riding time :-)
  4. Nice riding, and cool edit...keep it up
  5. Great watch...smooth and dialed riding as you "roll downs"...
  6. Velcome...any bike will do, you be able to find some second hand old school bikes around 2-300...good luck..
  7. Its all about instagram and video clips these days...
  8. Hi we are throwing a jam a easter time in Denmark, see link for details. Could be a lot of fun with some uk shredders
  9. nice one...good stuff
  10. I hope the link works
  11. 20190228_160308_1.mp4
  12. +1 for the arcade for learning, but the hex will still work. i run my seat slightly higher when doing barspins. For me its the front brake lever that takes the most time to adjust to. Good luck with it...ill upload one here for you to look at.
  13. never used one or seen one, im on my trusty old hope pro 2 front hub. Let me know how the helium goes ;-)
  14. I seen pawls crack on a lot on the pro4
  15. Hi on the pro 2 ive never had an issue running one for 11years now :-) hope pro4 hub is 6 months old and ive changed the pawl+springs two times now. The corner seem to crack of and the debris get crushed inside...first time it got sorta noisy...second time it locked up the wheel, turning my bike into a fixie....Good thing is has NEVER skipped on me..