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  1. Duing a bit of skatepark riding on the inspired...
  2. In my opinion the correct way is to control the fakie by pedal pressure. So you want to release/pedal backwards to gain more speed, and breaking/slowing down again by applying a little more pressure...its a feeling thing hard to explain how much is needed. The lazy way is done by using the rear brake..
  3. ill got for 203mm rotor both sides...and +1 for the hubs
  4. Cool video, was just in santa monica a few days ago..
  5. Circle's it is...back to the parking lot...
  6. Hi wizards im stuck at around 1 - 1,5 backwards crankturns in my fakie manuals..seems to lose all speed and balance there...i try to apply pressure on the drivetrain all there way around, is that how you guys do it or do you pedal faster so there is no braking? Any pointers are appresiated thanks in advance
  7. Hi yes Denmark in the town called Viborg is a decent not back home until the 13 of july but would love to go ride...
  8. Hi Alu-sprocket up front seems to hold fine for me. used one on my arcade for 3 years, no problem.
  9. Super clean smooooth riding...and speedy recovery ..
  10. Hi and welcome... first off 25/16 maybe a bit hard, "normally" a 22/16 - 22/15 gear ratio is used on 24" bikes. As for longer stem, if you lower back feels "too bend" maybe a higher stem or a handlebar with more raise is better. If you are hitting the knees a lot on the handlebar, maybe a longer stem. As a rule of thumb: Always make your bike setup comfortable when standing on the bike both wheels on the ground, if it feels wierd or hard standing on the bike, modify it a bit. Good luck and have fun with it...If you need more help on bike setup a pic of you on the goat...
  11. brilliant, smooooth riding...
  12. Nice video....Love the fakie manual at 2:14...
  13. Look really sweet...waiting for a review of it..
  14. Ha ha ha
  15. 10kg spot on...feels kinde nimble and solid...fork has a lot less flex conpared to the 2012 version...only done one ride so far but seems great.