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  1. Thanks for the link, I did a quick version whilst it was still on the cranks and one of the pawls wasn't doing a thing, so it has improved, thanks for those that posted. If the problem persists ill take it off and clean it properly
  2. Hello I've recently got back into trials and now know everyone runs front free wheels.. I followed suit and have purchased a second hand tensile 60ep freewheel but it skips horrendously.. Is there a easy DIY way to service this or are there any freewheels you guys recommend over this.. Thanks
  3. You my friend are a hero. Many thanks
  4. Hello guys basically I want a high quality picture of the zhi logo and was wondering anyone with a z3 or similar could take a photo for me so I can get a decal made up. Many thanks Matt
  5. Awesome cheers
  6. Thanks mate There's a few to choice from, where is she from?
  7. Hello I've bought a zhi z2 but want some decals for the frame, anyone know where I can get some, or if anyone can make them? Cheers
  8. ive got full braided best feeling brake ive ever had...
  9. im a fanny
  10. ive got vista home premium and its all gravy, plays fine in windows media player if its not playing just burn it to a dvd and whack it on your tv, much better
  11. ill puy it on dvd for you, ooo imagine what it will look like on big screen
  12. ah 25 mins, you gotta love aol haha
  13. love you glyyn and it sounds like a plan beautiful btw this is alex im at matts
  14. sweet as mate! get a vid done i really like those frames
  15. deary me, alex has like his 8th t-poo keiran is riding my old bike, and riding it bloody well too (how many people have had that frame ) daren you have competition kerian is keeping up would your mahusive backwheels and tyler is just wet awesome