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  1. "Morning benders, jump in the Minge mobile!"
  2. sand all exisiting paint off the forks, using 180 grade sand paper. Then spray primer onto forks, once primers dry sand using 300 grade sand paper, then apply another coat of primer. Sand again using 400 grade paper and spray a few layers of paint, ensure each layers dry before applying the next. Don't go too mad with the paint. Primer and spray paint from halfords should be ideal. enjoy!
  3. screenshot or it didn't happen
  4. either not syncing or bombing out during install with an error message.
  5. Just wanted to throw it out there, as it's the only problem I've heard come up a few times with the 64-bit version.
  6. Yeah these people have installed the 64-bit version's of itunes.. also tried the 32-bit install as a stab in the dark! Trouble is most new Lappy's sold in comet, pc etc come preloaded with win7 64-bit... as oposed to 32-bit.
  7. If you use itunes I really wouldn't recommend it, alot of people are expericening compatibility issues with the 64-bit version of win7 and itunes. which is stupid considering the amount of people relying it on these days due to ipods, ipods etc. However the 32-bit version works fine with iunes. If you're running >4Gb or ram I wouldn't bother really with 64-bit like the dude above said. This might have been already said but I wouldn't worry about spec's if you're running Vista on your machine ok, win7 has lower spec requirements compared to Vista!
  8. I've built a second hand bike consisting from 2nd hand parts only bought from the 'For Sale' section of this Forum... Drive Part's such as Chain, Sprockets and BB's I always buy new, which is what I'm waiting on atm. If it's any help from here I picked up an Echo Stem not sure exactly which one, Echo Control 07 Frame and Black Echo SL forks for all £150. Forks and Stem could pass as being brand brand new! and frame look's like it's had a couple of rides no dent's and only light scratches.... Frame's getting sprayed any how as I like to be different, spraying it blue this weekend then building it! All the sellers I can't fault what so ever, each seller posted the parts either on the same day as payment or the day after depending on the time of day the deal was made. So in theory I received parts quicker than buying from a shop. obviously there's risk's involved in buying off someone you don't know online... which kinda suck's but like I said with all of my sellers no hassle what so ever! I've built a few bikes over time and you normally even up waiting 4-5 days for parts and so forth .. but with buying from someone directly on here the parts came either the next day or the following! Obv the seller need's to make that happen mind, but it's the same with a shop. Atm I'm in the same boat, don't have much cash to spend on a new bike, but all my ol' trials friends are back from UNI and old group I used to ride with are starting up again also.. so I'm dead keen to get myself a bike sorted to join in the fun, hopefully next week... wippie! Long story short, I'd recommend the 'For sale' section over Ebay anyday at this moment in time. Are you looking for an Mod or Stock frame?
  9. passing my cycling proficiency
  10. Do you know much about Lasik? random I know haha... if so can I forward you a few questions? and to keep my reply kind of on topic, I work as a Software Technician providing 3rd line support to customers.
  11. I've got quite a weird one to share! My bed's setup so my feet are under the my bedroom window, well... I went to Download Festival this year, which was the first time I've been to a festival at all and well I struggled to sleep unless I was drunk. The only way I found to sleep when I woke up sober or unable to sleep, was to open my tent door then stare at the sky and watch the planes go over, or watch people lobbing beer cans at each other etc haha! Well this one night I woke up unable to sleep in my tent, opened my tent door and peered out to look at the planes etc. Some flew over and there where some people pissing around outside and the usual group chatting by their tents. Suddenly it started snowing... then it went blurry and suddenly I was looking out my tent into my garden... then realised I was holding my curtain back with my face pressed against my bedroom window starring into my garden. Hope to god no neighbours saw hahaha! scared the living shit out of me.
  12. I'd got for a dark colour, something quite close to black but not black so it's slighty different e.g a dark purple.
  13. if you're riding 26" try a downhill inner tube, their thicker and designed to take more abuse than your 'average' tube.
  14. correct
  15. I need this in my life. NAT