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  1. I'm in the middle of re building my retro 26mhz. I have some x lite phatso rims I'm going to run, but what's the widest tyre I can fit without catching the chain stays?
  2. Cheers luke. I'm from abingdon too! Cheers man! Cheers! I'm pretty sure the cranks are fsa power pro's, they look like it. Are you after a 26mhz as well?
  3. Cheers for that mate.
  4. Thanks for for link. I've tried to pm, but maybe my post count is to low? Hhahaha thanks luke. Yeah its a proper throwback lol. I've sourced a pair of 36 hole phatso's, well stoked! If the deal falls through, i'll be in contact.
  5. I know, it's a propper old skool trials bike, but that's all im used to. I plan to do some bits to it, but with old skool parts! Get an x-lite phatso for the rear with a hope xc hub, front xc hub, middleburn cranks with a blue anodized bashring, dmr v12 pedals & a shimano 105 short caged rear mech & shorten the chain. I would love to source some irc el gato tyres!!!!
  6. Well yesterday i finally picked up my pashley! Bit of back ground info. When i was younger i always wanted a pashley, i remember walking into my local bike shop where i see the ivory coloured frame & fork set for £499, being about the age of 13 i couldn't afford that. So i had various frame sets over the years, but never a pashley. So these last couple of weeks i have searched every forum & auction site for one, i did find an immaculate frame & fork set in blue, which i had bid on but it didn't meet the reserve. I found an add from 6 months ago, i wasn't holding my breath but the bike was still for sale, full bike in immaculate condition for £200, yes £200 lol! So heres a little spec: Pashley 26mhz frame & forks in blue Mavic d521 Shimano deore lx nubs Shimano deore lx rear mech Sram grip shift Kore stem FSA pig headset Magure hs33's Azonic world force bars This bike has hardly a scratch on it, it's been in a loft for the last 10 years & it looking like it's never ridden trails in its life! Heres a few pics Enjoy!